Infographic 5 Essential Skills to Connect With Customers

Infographic 5 Essential Skills to Connect With Customers.

Finding people to connect with, people to follow you and people to trust you and your business is a skill. When businesses lose touch with your customers, they become ineffective. Staying connected to customers is key to business success.

1. Avoid losing touch - Listen to customers. Pay attention to what they're saying. People that are taken into consideration are loyal customers for life. Always stay in touch!

2. Build trust - It is the foundation which relationships are built upon and where customer loyalty is determined. Value each customers' time and views. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Trust is a two-way street.

3. Accept responsibility - Find out what works and do it over again. If customers are satisfied with your products/services, build upon that satisfaction. Ask yourself "How can I make it better?" Accept the responsibility to continue to make customers happy and feel special. Whe…

Keyword Stuffing Dos & Don'ts

Although keywords are essential for marketing content, there's a wrong way and a right way of using them on websites.
Wrong way The wrong way is abusing the power of keywords. It creates a poor user experience, visitors will reject reading site article(s), and worse yet, a site will be portrayed as spam.
Right way The right way of using keywords is having relevant and useful keywords that flow in a natural and specific manner. Check out the following keyword stuffing dos & don't s:
What is too much keyword stuffing? It is not allowing content to flow easily because of worry about not being ranked high in the search engines. These engines are hip to such keyword stuffing and will not hesitate to ban a website.
Below, I will list 3 Don't s to keyword stuffing:1. Don't use bold on words that are NOT relevant to the header or the title of an article.

2. Don't Stuff too many keywords in an anchor text.

3. Don't Repeat keyword phrases throughout an article. We a…

10 Tips To Improve Slow Website Sales

I've seen it many times. A new entrepreneur is excited because their website just went live after weeks, or even months, of hard dedicated work. However, the excitement doesn't last long when they see that they have yet to make a sale. Not making a sale doesn't cover expenses, and you're not making enough to live on. This happens to a lot of us, especially with a new website. The good news is that there are some steps you can follow to make sure you are doing everything right to maximize your sales, especially for the Holiday. Check out the following 10 Tips to Improve Slow Website Sales:

1. Are your product/services on demand
According to some of my articles throughout this site, you've probably heard a lot about finding your online niche. Your product/service should be able to solve a problem for your customers. That is the most important part of any business to succeed. A tool like WordTracker can help you find what people are searching for online. Another great…

5 Simple Tips In Choosing A Good Domain Name

If I knew 9 years ago what I know now about choosing a quality domain name, things would be slightly different. Live and learn right? Below, I talk about the 5 simple tips in choosing a good domain name for your business.

Choosing a good domain name is crucial to the success or failure of your business. You may wonder how something so slight but important could have such an impact on your business. A good analogy to compare this too, is to think about how essential location is to an offline business? If your business isn't located in a good location, you will not get many visitors, am I right? The same holds true for a good domain name for your website.

Here are the 5 simple tips in choosing a good domain name:
1. Make your domain name memorable Domain names must be memorable. Although we have the option of bookmarking a site that we enjoy visiting, many people do not take advantage of bookmarking websites. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your domain name is one that is …

32 SEO Tips For Your Business Success

When I first started my business, SEO was a foreign concept to me. However, with research and learning what it takes, the following 32 SEO Tips For Your Business Success can boost traffic and search engine rankings. Check them out below:

1. Under construction

It is important to make sure your site is NOT under construction, incomplete and/or with little or no unique content. In order for SEO to work, a well-established site needs to be ready.

2. Website/blog

When your website/blog is ready, submit it to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Also, submit your site to reputable high PR web directories, open directories, yellow pages and social bookmarking sites such as StumpleUpon, Digg, etc.

3. Sitemap

Offer sitemap to your site visitors for easy page navigation.

4. Search engines

Submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and

5. Content

Create unique and rich content sites. Offer value and helpful information with appropriate keywords.

6. Keywords

Check your keywords and make sure they…

11 Tips on How To Deliver Your Email The Right Way

11 Tips on How To Deliver Your Email The Right Way

A visitor enters your website and likes what he/she sees. What are you doing to capture their interest? An opt-in request form is essential to have on your website. Ensuring the requested opt-in email form captures your visitors email address in order to deliver your message can dramatically increase your business sales. The following article will teach you 11 Tips on How To Deliver Your Email The Right Way:

Confirming that the people who ask for your information have actually requested to be on your email list is the number one step. You should be using a process called confirmed opt-in or verified opt-in to send a unique link to the attempted subscriber when they request information about your business. Before adding the person to your list, they must click that unique link verifying that they are indeed the same person that owns the email address and requested to subscribe.

Subscriber addresses
It is best to ask for th…

What Is Google Plus and How Can It Benefit My Business

What Is Google Plus and How Can It Benefit My Business? With a little bit of implementation and research, I found out the following: Google+ is a social networking site launched by Google in 2011. It has approximately 250 million+ users and is growing rapidly. Google+ is similar to Facebook but yet different in many ways. One major difference is that you can organize your friends and followers into separate “Circles” so you can post appropriate messages to the right people. You can create events which can appear in the Google+ calendar and also invite your friends by planning your hangouts. Below, I will list the benefits to Google+ and how you can use it for your business:
1. Invite People to Your Circles Once you set up your account, you will see a suggestion list that is provided by Google of people to invite to your circles. It's a good idea to go through these suggestions and invite different people to the appropriate circle. I normally invite people that are experts in a …