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What does it take to make money from a blog?

I have been asked that question many times and there really isn't a quick and easy answer to it except that making money from a blog does take time. Finding the right sponsors and affiliate programs should be taken seriously. Posting for the sake of only making money will turn your readers off, plain and simple.

Find ways to help your readers benefit when visiting your blog and everything else will fall into place.

In my blog, I specialize in providing powerful business information and Internet marketing tips that will provide the necessary tools required to enhance a successful home based business. My mission is that my readers will walk away feeling that what I offer in my blog is essential to their success. Hopefully they will return for additional information. Although, there are affiliate links in my blog that are supported by advertising revenue, others are links that my readers can also benefit from. Links that will support my readers with a successful home based business.

Keep your customers coming back!

Are you giving your customers a reason to come back? Customers like to be pampered. Yes, even if you are selling via the Internet.

Offer your customers something for FREE when they place an order on your site. Everyone loves to receive FREE stuff. Especially if they spent their hard earn money on your products. Perhaps you can offer them a discount on a future purchase. Or a buy one get one free deal!

It's harder to find a new customer then to keep your current customer happy. So I say, work on your current customers first. The goal is to keep them coming back! After you've taken care of your current customers, then and only then should you find new customers.

Again, repeat the cycle after you've gained that new customer. Treat them like GOLD!

Go that extra mile for your customers and you will be acknowledged for it. A satisfied customer is a repeat buyer :)

Answer your emails promptly. Customer service is key. Always maintain a professional business outlook and you will pr…

Starting your own business? Read this now

These days, starting your own business is as common as checking your e-mail. Follow these tips to get started.

Start eyeing the competition.
Find out what businesses in your area offer similar services, how they run their operations and how much they charge. The only way you can beat them is if you truly know them.

Figure out what your goals are before jumping in.
Are you just looking for a little extra income? Or are you hoping to retire by the age of 45? This will help you determine how much time and money you should invest in your start-up.

Visit a free service like the Small Business Development Centers.
They´ll counsel you on the ABCs of starting a business. That means everything from writing a business plan to securing a bank loan. (For a location near you, search

Sign up for free business advice.
You can do this by visiting the Service Corps of Retired Executives´s Web site at You´ll receive an answer within 48 hours.

Get a website.
Even if you´re not pl…

Latina millionarias share their secrets!

The Latina millionaires featured in the April issue of the magazine had such great advice, we asked them for un chin mas. Read on for more on how they made it happen.

Why Failure is Part of Success:
"I put my heart—and all of our resources—into a particular design. I'm not afraid to come up with crazy designs. We're not your regular furniture company. There's a huge risk that comes with that. Sometimes I put all kinds of money and time into a line and no one bought anything. It looked fantastic—but no one bought anything. Sometimes it takes people a while to absorb something new and unique."—Renee Maria Fanjon, President, Padma's Plantation

When Time is About More Than Clocks and Watches:
"I realized that any time I spend as a financial consultant would never be wasted, because the knowledge I gained would always help my family and myself. Every six months, I reassess where I am: I try to live cognitively so if something is not getting the attention it needs…

Tools To Help Raise Bilingual Kids

Franklin Spanish-English Student Dictionary
Perfect for all ages, this talking dictionary gives words phonetically and makes conjugating verbs a breeze for both English and Spanish speakers. (, $59.95)

Let's Go to School
This speaking children's book has a switch that alternates between Spanish and English as children learn vocabulary about la escuela. (, $12.99)

Baby's First Words in Spanish
Teach the latest addition to your family fun phrases and songs in Spanish. There is even a handy parent's guide that you can follow along with if you're not fluent. (, $16.95)

Dora the Explorer Friends! Los Amigos
Our girl Dora teaches your kids all about friendship in this children's book that can be enjoyed out loud in both Spanish and English. (, $7.99)

Sing, Watch & Learn Spanish
With the help of some salsa, a bit of cumbia and a touch of merengue, this fun DVD teaches children Spanish songs about different topics such as a…

Taking it one step at a time with your work at home business

Working from your home can be a blessing and/or a disaster. It depends on how you are able to handle it. Working from home is not for all of us. There are many people who much prefer to get out into the corporate world to work.

My suggestion, take it one step at a time. It is extremely important to take care of YOU first. Then and only then can you concentrate in your business.

Self-discipline can be tough but it can be accomplished. Just remember the reasons why you wanted to go into business for yourself. I think about all my readers/customers that are counting on me to provide my services.

What I do is go over my goals and the reasons I started my business in the first place. I also This helps me get back into focus and to get motivated to get back to work.

It can be difficult to try and work when there isn't anyone like a boss to remind you. But look at it this way, YOU are the boss, and that should create some time of excitement to continue in your journey of success.

Make a sch…

Need Money for College? Read This NOW!

We know that although you probably still look like you're in school, most likely you've been there, done that (and mami has your diploma on display to prove it!). These days, my cousins are coming to me for advice, which has served as a great reminder that finding and applying for scholarships is a major headache. Whether it's you or your primitos in need of some advice, use this section to get you started. Then go make friends with the library-you'll probably be spending a lot of time there!

Figure out how much everything will cost.
Aside from tuition, which generally increases annually due to inflation, remember to factor in housing and meal costs, if applicable (or how much it'll cost for abuelita to Fed Ex some real food!), plus books, activity or lab fees, miscellaneous materials, laundry money...

Fill out a FAFSA application.
The FAFSA (short for Free Application for Federal Student Aid) determines your eligibility for government-sponsored finan…