Are you getting enough subscribers to your business mailing list?

Hopefully the answer to this question is YES!

Starting and maintaining a subscriber list is important to your online and off line business. How else will you keep in touch with your customers?

Do you want to let them know of new and updated information about your business? Of course you do. That is why having a sign up form for subscribers to join is imperative to your business.

How do you get them to subscribe?

You need to have a subscriber's opt-in list to get your subscribers to sign up. Place your email list sign-up on your homepage and other appropriate pages of your site. Whatever you do, don't hide it! Make it easy for site visitors to find and join your email list. Place it prominently on your site/blog.

Once you receive there email addresses, treat them like gold. Confirm that their personal information will not be sold or traded and explain that they can decide to "opt-out" of further communications at any time.

You may also want to place a "join our mailing list" link in the email signature of your regular outgoing emails. Promote your "join our mailing list" with just about every correspondence, business card, etc. you have.

The link should go to your home page or the most appropriate page of your site where your signup tag is prominently displayed and easily accessible.

Make it quick and painless. Just ask for limited information (e.g. first name, last name, email address) because subscribers are more likely to complete a short form than a longer one at the beginning of a relationship.

Make your privacy policy clear up front. Be sure your subscribers understand how you will be using their email address and let them know what kinds of emails to expect and how often.

Feedburner offers a great email capturing script that you may use on your site/blog. Check them out today!


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