How do you keep your customers coming back?

How do you keep your customers coming back to your site? Are you giving your customers a reason to come back?

In my opinion, customers like to be pampered. That holds true for online businesses as well. Provide extra touches that build your reputation as a solid business owner who strives for excellence and effective customer service.

Offer your customers something for FREE when they place an order on your site. Everyone loves to receive FREE stuff. Especially if they spent their hard earn money on your products/services. Perhaps you can offer them a discount on a future purchase. Or a buy one get one free deal!

It's harder to find a new customer than to keep your current customers happy. So I say, work on your current customers first. The goal is to keep them coming back! After you've taken care of your current customers first, then and only then should you find new customers.

Ways to find new customers:
* Join community, professional, technical or trade organizations/groups. You are not alone. Customers are everywhere!
* Use telephone and E-mail to keep in touch. Talk with friends and business associates about what you have to offer. Broaden your network.
* Start a networking group in your town. Let others know about you and your business. Reach out and build your network.

Go that extra mile for your customers and you will be acknowledged for it. A satisfied customer will spread the word about your business and bring you new customers.

Again, repeat the cycle after you've gained that new customer and before you realize it they too will be coming back.

Maintain a professional business outlook and remember to always answer your emails promptly. Do not wait a week to reply to an inquiry. Appreciate your customers and their time because excellent customer service is key.

Can you share other tips to keep customers coming back? Please share your comments!

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