Are you using your eBook as a marketing tool?

e-Books are a fantastic way of advertising your expertise. You can write an e-Book on just about anything you can think of, provided it will give your customers the information they are seeking.

What are the benefits to writing an e-Book?

The benefits of writing an e-Book is additional exposure for your business. e-Book Pro is a great publishing program. You may also use Adobe/pdf and compile your e-Book too. Offer your e-Book to your subscribers for free whenever they sign up for your newsletter and it can become an instant marketing tool for your business. Remember and add your business url address to your e-Books.

So with that said, are you using your e-Book as a marketing tool? If you have, that’s great. If not, here are a couple of ideas to write about and get you started:


Do you love to cook?
Many people love cooking and are always seeking the best recipes that are out there. Wouldn’t compiling your recipes in an e-Book format expose your skills and your business?

*Software information
Are you a computer whiz? There are many people out there that aren’t. Wouldn’t your knowledge help others as well?

*Travel information

Do you love to travel? Are you familiar with the hottest locations and cheapest hotels? Let us know about it!

*Crochet information
Do you just love to sew? Are you constantly complimented on how you do your stitching work? Share the love!

*Website information
Are you great at web design? Why not share your ideas?

*Business tips

Are you a successful business person? What are you doing to make it happen? What are your success stories?

The above suggestions are just to name a few. An e-Book can become an extension of you and your business and is a great marketing tool!

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