Tips to organizing your paperwork!

What are you doing to organize your business paperwork?

It is a well known fact that as soon as you start a business, you will receive a mountain of correspondence from various federal and provincial agencies and not to mention an assortment of advertising mail which may or may not be of interest or value to you.

If you organize your home-office properly from the very beginning, the paper work won't bog you down and you won't feel overwhelmed.

Too many people leave let their papers pile up or leave mail unopened for days and weeks at a time. Finally, when they do go through it in a hurry, not much attention is placed on the important information that comes through. Organization is an essential ingredient to a successful business operation.

The following methods can and will help you keep organized:

Filing Cabinet: You will need a four-drawer filing cabinet. Allow lots of room for files. Buy suspension frames for each drawer and legal-sized hanging files and file folders. Add tabs to the file folders for easy visible identification. You should place the files you use most into the top drawer. Establish the following hanging file and file folder for the following:

* Federal Papers
* Licensing Agencies
* Cash expense file for business expenses
* Sales invoice
* Advertising file
* Bank statements
* Business start-up Costs
* Correspondence
* Financial for monthly accounting papers
* Contacts and follow-up

You may add to this list as each business has different requirements. This system will keep you well organized.

Each day as soon as your mail arrives, open it. Make piles for accounts to be paid, checks to be deposited, advertising, and other important items. Tackle one pile at a time.

Each week the key to keeping on top of the mountains of paperwork is to dispense with it as soon as possible. Keep a weekly routine to achieve this goal.

Start a priority list that will motivate you to take action. Which priority should you prioritize first? If being organized is not your strong point, then a priority list can help you put things in order. Take an eight column pad and list all the things to do on the left-hand side. Across the top, make columns for the dateline date. Go down your list and allocate a check mark to note the priority for each task. Cross them off the list as you accomplish each job.

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