The 4 W's to blogging!

Do you find yourself asking the four W's to blogging? What is that, you ask?

Well, I call it the four W's. To find out more, please read on...

The four W's

1. Why
2. What
3. When and
4. Where

Why start a blog?
Why not? I can list hundreds of reason why you should start a blog but for the sake of not sounding too eccentric, I've list a few here!

What do I write about?
Write about things that interest you and that you would like to share with others. You can post photos and write about what inspired that photograph. You can also post videos of your favorite song and write about what makes it so special and why you feel others may think the same. There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs that are unique in many ways. Think of the things that bring you joy and share them with others. If you enjoy writing then showcase your writing skills.

When do I blog?
Personally, I like to blog everyday. However, you may want to blog on a weekly or monthly basis, it's up to you. Perhaps you want to first get your feet wet and start off slowly, that's fine also. Remember that the goal is to write often so that you can create a long lasting readership for your blog.

Where do I host my blog?
Currently, my blog is hosted for free on "blogger." I intend to eventually move my blog to a hosting company with my own domain. However, if you're starting out as a new blogger, then "blogger" is a great place to start off. If you're interested in your own domain name, visit and for further information.

I hope you've enjoyed my 4 W's to blogging. Remember to have fun and show your personality. Happy blogging :)

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