Is working at home right for you?

The past two days I have written articles on the advantages and disadvantages of a home based business. Today, I'd like to focus on whether working at home is right for you.

If you're a mom or dad who aches to be there when the kids come home from school, or you are tired of the corporate lunches and the 9-5 ride, maybe there's another way to earn a living. Many attractions to working from home include:

*Commute time
*Save money
*Tax break ...
just to name a few

All of the above benefits add up to increased job satisfaction and profitability if your true passion is to work at home. I truly believe that if we are doing what we love, we will be productive and feel excited about work which in return will translate to profitability.

Finding a passion brings the elemental question of finding your life's purpose. Evaluating how realistic working at home would be for you. Find out your work style. Do you mind being isolated for a few hours a day? If not, then perhaps setting a schedule to get out of the house a few hours a week would help.

If you've been in the corporate world for a long time, how will you feel when you see your neighbors head off to their jobs? Would you feel free? Scared? Delighted? Confused? Relieved? For most new work-at-homers, there is a period of adjustment. Others, make the adjustment rather be prepared.

It helps if you're clear about the reasons you've decided to work from home in the first place. Writing down questions and answers to help you decide is a start. You may want to consider questions such as:

1. What do I assume will be the real benefits for me and/or my family?
2. Is this the best time to consider working from home?
3. What facts should I have before making the decision to work from home?
4. Do I know where to get support both emotional and technical?
5. Is it financially better to work at home or go to a regular job?
6. Am I disciplined enough to work at home every day?

You may also have other questions to add. Remember, working at home isn't for everyone. However, when you have honestly asked and answered these questions, you're well on your way to discovering whether working at home is right for you.

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