What do customers really want?

I usually get emails from entrepreneurs asking me "What Do Customers Really Want"? Well, a simple answer to that question is customers want RESPECT!

Customers want to receive the respect of a seller responding to their questions on a timely manner, their opinions taken seriously and their feelings taken under consideration.

When a customer asks you questions regarding your products, website, prices etc. it is imperative that you answer as soon as possible.

If a customer offers an opinion about a specific product, topic, or your site, take it as a way of improving what you're offering. Thank the customer and say that you will take their opinion under consideration. Look at it as constructive criticism.

It is difficult to exactly pinpoint a customer's feeling especially if you are doing business online; however reading between the lines in your customer's response is important. You can usually tell if a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied with a particular situation. If so, try to make it right by offering your help and/or thanking them if they are satisfied. Offer a discount or a freebie for the inconvenience.

If you respect your customer's in that way, they will respect you in return and business will continue to prosper!

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