PPC ~ $3,197 Free tools, courses - everything!

I'm sure you've heard recently about PPC Classroom - yes, you can get it 100% for free. This is by FAR one of the best courses I've ever seen ... and it's free, it doesn't get better than that!

Or...I thought until I got an e-mail from Anik last night...

Anik & Amit somehow convinced some of the TOP marketers in the world to actually help their students in a BIG way.

They have convinced some of the BEST tools & courses to be given away for Free as well in addition to PPC Classroom...

So, you get $3,197 worth of Bonuses that are for SALE otherwise. This is not some "re-sell" junk -- these are AMAZING tools you're going to need anyways...

Have a look:

Here's a briefing of it...

1. Mark Ling - An ENTIRE Affiliate Course ($197)
2. Michael Rasmussen - Exclusive Interview ($97)
3. Howie Schwartz - Workshop Recordings ($1,000)
4. Emil Paz - PPC Bully - 2 Months Free ($98)
5. Jay Stockwell - SpeedPPC - 2 Months Free ($397)
6. Steven Juth - AdwordAccelerator - 2 Months Free ($74)
7. Chris Carpenter - Google Cash v4 ($67)
8. Cody Moya - 750 Traffic Tactics ($397)
9. Greg Cesar - Exclusive CPA + PPC Interview ($97)
10. Kabita Kalita - CPA PPC Niche Magic ($97)
11. Kirt Christensen - Entire DVD on PPC ($97)
12. Paul Colligan - LIVE PPV Webinar ($197)
13. Jim Morris - NicheBot ($382 Credits)

Total: $3,197

That's over $3,197 of amazing courses AND TOOLS. Trust me, you'll end up spending on
these tools anyways if you go outside of this offer...

At this point, PPC Classroom is worth it JUST for the tools alone! You'd be crazy to miss out on this - I'm dead serious.

Go now and get ALL this for F.R.E.E - You just pay S&H on a DVD...


I'll see you there,

Sonia Colon


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