10 steps to avoid wasting time!

The following are a few time wasters you can avoid when working from your home office:

1. Procrastination & Excuses
- If you don’t start then you can’t finish. By continuing to reach your goals & objectives it will allow you to work toward them. If you put things off, then you’ll never accomplish what it is you set out too gain. Never make things more than they are. Don’t wait for the last minute… ACT now!

2. Rushing
- Try not to do everything at once or wait until the last minute. Create a list of what must be done and the time it takes to do it. Always schedule and plan ahead but allow for the unexpected. Avoid the costly mistakes and oversights of rushing. Do it right the first time. Slow down and take your time. Most of all relax!

3. Running Errands & Traveling
- Again, plan ahead. Arrange your tasks in order of importance and needs. Combine your tasks and trips. Don’t waste time making duplicate or unnecessary trips. Know what you need and who has it and find a good time to get it. Make sure to notify them, so they can be prepared and you don’t have to wait. Time is of the essence.

4. Paperwork, Reports & Memos
- Have a purpose for writing. Keep it short and sweet. Get to the point immediately with clear words. Keep everything where it can be easily located and used. Spell check your work before sending it out. Continually purge that which is of no use to you.

5. Meetings
- Schedule meetings carefully. Ask yourself what’s covered, the purpose, subject and scope. Find out the date, location, length, type, attendees. Prepare everyone ahead of time.

6. Telephone, Mail & E-mail
- Define your purpose and what you want to accomplish, why are you calling/writing? Who are you addressing? Prepare a brief marketing script, practice before calling or writing. Take and return calls/mail when it’s convenient for you. Give out your phone number and business address only to those you want contacting you. Don’t waste time. When you accomplish your objectives, hang up and move on to the next call, mail or e-mail.

7. Computer
- Back it up. Prepare yourself for crashes. Plan ahead the purpose for using a computer. Know what you need and where to get it. Limit your time online, get what you need and log off. The computer is a productive tool, but only when used wisely.

8. Planning & Decision Making
- Gather the facts. Weigh both sides. Plan it out in detail ahead of time. Combine tasks. Delegate. Prioritize. Decide and get the job done!

9. Television
- Are you an informed viewer or couch potato? Determine what’s really important to you. Videotape or watch it in rerun. Do other things, be a self-starter, find a hobby, start a business, exercise, read a book. The important thing is to be productive.

10. Know when to say NO & YES
- Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Be honest with people and yourself. Use time wisely. If you can’t fit something into your schedule, don’t accept it. Say yes only when you truly know it can be done and say no when you know you cannot.

- Avoid wasting time by giving yourself plenty of time. Relax when you need to. Understand what must be done. Build the right habits. Always schedule your day. Prioritize on importance and need. Use technology but don’t get bogged down with it. Gather all facts before starting your tasks. Make informed decisions. Tie up loose ends. Continue to implement your action plan. Know what your own “time wasters” are and avoid them. Most of all don’t procrastinate.

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Good advice. I myself practice Time Management. I agree with you about TV. I am very selective on what I will sit and watch. YouTube is great (well the users) if you missed Tivo'ing it the YouTube users take care of it. If you ever find a way to get an extra hour in a day, please let me know :)
Hi Laura,

Thanks for the comment. Time management is always challenging. I believe that with practice and eliminating those steps that will add just a few hours in the day will help big time :-) We all know there just isn't enough hours in the day to begin with.

Have a nice day!


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