I'm 28 weeks & counting!

I thought I'd keep my visitors afloat with information on my pregnancy as I will be taking some time off within the next couple of months to tend to my soon to be new bundle of joy :-)

I want to change somewhat the theme of The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom blog. I will continue to post recipes, business articles and resources that can and will assist you with your business endeavors but I also want to give it a more personalized touch.

In the coming months, after of course I've recuperated from much needed rest :-), I'd like to talk a little more on motherhood and the parenting responsibilities that many moms endure on a day to day basis. My goal is to create a blog that will enable other moms and moms to be a venue to come and interact about their thoughts, advise, questions on parenthood.

My hope is that you continue to enjoy visiting as more business, recipes, resources, information on parenting etc., will be the focus of The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom blog!

Please share your thoughts and tell me what you think?

Again, thank you all so much for being loyal readers and I look forward to sharing my own personal touches!

All the best,



Hi Sonia! Congrats!! Your new bundle joy is such a blessing!

Gracias James,

Yes, it is a blessing :-) Thank you for dropping by and leaving your congratulatory comment. I do appreciate it!

Web dude said…
Your blog is the bomb!!!
keep it up

Cybercool, he he he
Hey Web dude!

Nice to see ya. Thanks for the comment. Drop by anytime. :-)

Have a nice day!
New to your blog, Felicidades on the new Baby. I can't wait for your return and find new ways to connect with other Latina Moms :)
Hi Laura!

Thank you for your congratulatory comment. I look forward to interacting with other moms as well.

Please visit anytime!

Have a nice day :-)

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