Key money saving tips for your business!

Many insignificant items can add up to major savings for your business. Practice the following "Key Money Saving Tips for Your Business" and watch your bottom line improve significantly!

- Bartering works, plain and simple! It is also a great way to help your cash flow. Always check with your accountant or CPA for tax consequences.

Energy Consumption
- Remember to utilize auto setback thermostats and automatic light switches. Savings can be dramatic.

Toll free calling
- Calling toll free can add up to major telephone savings. Numerous vendors and suppliers have 800 directories.

Use Fax or E-mail
- Using fax or E-mail will save the cost of postage, paper, envelope, mailing time and get your message across instantly. Send messages in the evenings or weekends for further reduced telephone rates and save even more.

Shop by mail order
- It is convenient and economical to shop by mail order. Use a credit card for mail order because if you have a problem the credit card company will assist you.

Negotiate everything
- Always negotiate including services. You can frequently purchase at a discount by asking. Request a discount if you pay cash or intend to pay within 5 to 10 days.

I hope the above key money saving tips will help your business prosper!

Do you have any other tips you'd like to share? Please post your comment below.
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