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Are you adding your signature file to your emails?

What better way to advertise your product than by adding your sig file to your outgoing emails? This is a must!

Your SIG File should not be more than six to eight lines. Do not try to include every single affiliate program, or promo to it all at once. It turns the reader off. That will only get the reader confused. Make your sig file precise to what you are offering.

Your SIG File must attract attention. If it dosen't, you might as well forget it. Make your reader want to know more. Your SIG File should contain enough information for your reader. It should never be vague. Make your reader re-act. Would they want to click to find out more?

Use action stimulating words. Here are ten examples:

1. You won't want to miss this!
2. Act now!
3. Its free!
4. Yours for the asking!
5. Click here now!
6. Get started today!
7. Don't delay!
8. See this now!
9. Hurry...while supplies last!
10.Stunning...Must see!

Create a sense of urgency. People will respond better when you make the situa…

The Plan - 4 steps to a website brand!

In this guest post, Jerry Bader writes "The Plan - 4 Steps To A Website Brand!"

Do you have a plan? Most companies spend a considerable amount of time, energy, and money planning what to do and how to do it.

Let's say you need a website, so you develop a plan, present it to a bunch of website designers, and get quotes or proposals. You're not going to get caught with your pants down like the last time by some nerdy geek, you know the skinny kid with the scraggly beard, whose techno-babble gave you a headache, or the bizarre young lady dressed in Gothic chic with the black lipstick and tattoo to match - yikes, no thanks, not this time, this time you got a plan.

Human Motivational Optimization

You read all the blogs on website design, you know all the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization, and Google Adwords. No one is going to pull a fast one on you. You know your business, your market, and your needs. Or do you?

How much do you really know about how real people inter…

Tocino del Cielo!


2 cups sugar, divided
6 egg yolks, beaten
1 pint heavy whipping cream
2 tbsp. pure vanilla extract
2 tbsp. Grand Marnier


To make caramel, stir 1 cup sugar constantly in small saucepan over high heat until it turns into golden liquid. Remove from heat and quickly pour into 6 heatproof custard cups, coating bottom and sides evenly. Place cups in ovenproof pan and fill pan with cold water to halfway up cups´ side.

To make custard, preheat oven to 350°F. In bowl, whip together 1 cup sugar and egg yolks until mixture is thick and fluffy. Stir in whipping cream, vanilla extract, and Grand Marnier. Pour mixture into caramel-coated cups and bake in oven, center rack, 50 to 55 minutes. (Custard may be cooked even if center is not completely gelled.) Cool to room temperature, then chill. Serve in cups, or run knife around cups´ inside surface to separate custard and invert onto plates. Makes 6 servings.

~ Courtesy of Latina Magazine!

10 things to consider before quitting your job to freelance full-time!

In this guest post, Pamela Slim writes about the "10 Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job To Freelance Full-Time!"

"I don't like my job." "The cube walls are closing in." "I'm walking out of this job right now." "I need to get out of here!" You know you've thought it at one point or another, and suddenly, the life of a free-spirited, self-made freelancer sounds all the more appealing. Before you rush and type your resignation letter, there are a few things that you will have to consider. Pamela Slim, a former corporate manager turned entrepreneur and author of the book Escape From Cubicle Nation, weighs in with 10 important questions you need to ask yourself before you make the jump.

I wish there were a secret formula to ensure that the freelance business you have been madly working on is going to generate enough income to compensate for your current salary as an employee, if not much more. Unfortunately, there are man…

Did you get your FREE Trial?

Have you been searching for FREE quality information that you can use to build a successful online business, but getting totally frustrated by the lack of *useful* content out there?

Believe me, I feel your pain! I was in the exact same boat that you're in right now...

No matter how *much* I searched, I just kept coming across line the same old recycled tips from a bunch of so-called "experts," which turned out to be nothing but thinly disguised plugs for products nobody needs or even wants!

But then I came across Internet marketing guru Derek Gehl and his team at the Internet Marketing Center...

... and I quickly discovered that not all experts are created equal!

See, thanks to a lot of advice and help early on, Derek took a $25 investment and turned it into $60,000,000 in online sales -- and now, in appreciation for the support he received when he was starting out, he's determined to give back.

(For instance, in the past couple of weeks alone, he's given away over $4…

Top ten money making tips for a successful online business!

There are a few things you must do to have a successful online business. Below I’ve listed the top ten:

1. Quality Product/Service
- You must be able to provide a quality product/service which people want and need. There has to be a demand for your product/service.

2. Customer Loyalty/Service
- You must help your customers feel that they can trust you. Be honest and trustworthy. Offer money back guarantees and stick to your business policies. Treat your customers like gold and never ever share their personal information with anyone.

3. Offer something of vale and for free once in awhile
- Your customers don’t really care how great your company is or how wonderful you are for that matter. Their only concern is how your product can help them! How will it meet their needs; improve their lives; make them happier; etc. Offer something of value and they will buy what you’re selling, also throw in a FREEBIE, everyone loves to receive FREE stuff.

4. Creative/Unique Products/Services
- You must own an…

Papaya-Carrot Batido!


2 medium papayas, peeled, seeded, and diced
1 cup carrot juice
1 cup orange juice
Juice of 2 limes
1 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup whole milk
6 tbsp. sugar
1 cup crushed ice


Combine all ingredients in blender and frappé until smooth. Makes 4 to 5 servings.

Que Bueno!

~Courtesy of Latina Magazine

Are you writing quality content for your blog?

Writing quality content for your blog is an important part of the entire blog process. Let your readers get to know you first and foremost. Be yourself as you write and your personality will shine through. Engage your readers with your writing and provide the type of information that will benefit your readers.

What should you write about?
- Provide basic, real, useful information as well as resources to go along with the information you’re writing. What are your interests? Will it interest your readers as well?. Offer “how to tips” and how it made you successful.

What are you an expert at?
- Can your readers benefit from it too? How has it worked for you? In my blog I share business articles and links that have helped me succeed with my blog. Have you had this experience also? If so, let your readers know they too can benefit.

I can’t find anything to say!
- There will be times when you are going to encounter writer’s block. It happens to the best of us. Not to worry, look for other interes…

Sueño Mexicano!


* 4 oz. rompope (bottled eggnog-like rum drink)
* 1 1/2 cups strawberries, stemmed and hulled
* 1 cup fresh or frozen mamey pulp
* 2/3 cup cream of coconut
* 3 cups crushed ice
* 1/2 cup whipped cream
* 1 tbsp. cassis

Combine rompope, strawberries, mamey pulp, cream of coconut, and crushed ice in blender and purée until smooth. In small cup, stir together whipped cream and cassis until well mixed. Garnish each serving with dollop of cassis-flavored cream. Makes 4 to 5 servings.

Simply Delicioso!

~ Courtesy of Latina Magazine

How to rank #1 in Google

Would you like to discover how to flood your website with FREE traffic with #1, #2, or even #5 rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN?

If your answer is “Yes,” then I have great news for you.

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… Using the same *secret formula* Derek has used to beat out 294 MILLION competitors for #1 and #2 rankings for three years running.

To get your 30-Day Trial Pass to Derek’s “Search Marketing Lab,” visit:

I look forward to seeing you in the search results!

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P.S. Derek is only offering this 30-Day “backsta…

10 steps to avoid wasting time!

The following are a few time wasters you can avoid when working from your home office:

1. Procrastination & Excuses
- If you don’t start then you can’t finish. By continuing to reach your goals & objectives it will allow you to work toward them. If you put things off, then you’ll never accomplish what it is you set out too gain. Never make things more than they are. Don’t wait for the last minute… ACT now!

2. Rushing
- Try not to do everything at once or wait until the last minute. Create a list of what must be done and the time it takes to do it. Always schedule and plan ahead but allow for the unexpected. Avoid the costly mistakes and oversights of rushing. Do it right the first time. Slow down and take your time. Most of all relax!

3. Running Errands & Traveling
- Again, plan ahead. Arrange your tasks in order of importance and needs. Combine your tasks and trips. Don’t waste time making duplicate or unnecessary trips. Know what you need and who has it and find a good time …