Are you adding your signature file to your emails?

What better way to advertise your product than by adding your sig file to your outgoing emails? This is a must!

Your SIG File should not be more than six to eight lines. Do not try to include every single affiliate program, or promo to it all at once. It turns the reader off. That will only get the reader confused. Make your sig file precise to what you are offering.

Your SIG File must attract attention. If it dosen't, you might as well forget it. Make your reader want to know more. Your SIG File should contain enough information for your reader. It should never be vague. Make your reader re-act. Would they want to click to find out more?

Use action stimulating words. Here are ten examples:

1. You won't want to miss this!
2. Act now!
3. Its free!
4. Yours for the asking!
5. Click here now!
6. Get started today!
7. Don't delay!
8. See this now!
9. Hurry...while supplies last!
10.Stunning...Must see!

Create a sense of urgency. People will respond better when you make the situation urgent and offer them a bonus for example: for the first 100,redeem a price in two minutes, first 200 gets free e-book, this offer will last until, etc.

Remember, include your signature file to all of your outgoing mail for FREE advertising. This is the second most important form of advertising next to "word of mouth" advertising. Don't go without it!

Good luck!

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