Top ten money making tips for a successful online business!

There are a few things you must do to have a successful online business. Below I’ve listed the top ten:

1. Quality Product/Service
- You must be able to provide a quality product/service which people want and need. There has to be a demand for your product/service.

2. Customer Loyalty/Service
- You must help your customers feel that they can trust you. Be honest and trustworthy. Offer money back guarantees and stick to your business policies. Treat your customers like gold and never ever share their personal information with anyone.

3. Offer something of vale and for free once in awhile
- Your customers don’t really care how great your company is or how wonderful you are for that matter. Their only concern is how your product can help them! How will it meet their needs; improve their lives; make them happier; etc. Offer something of value and they will buy what you’re selling, also throw in a FREEBIE, everyone loves to receive FREE stuff.

4. Creative/Unique Products/Services
- You must own and control your products/services. Offer something that only YOU can provide. Have exclusive control over at least one of your products/services. It should be something that people cannot find anywhere else and wanted by a lot of people.

5. Make Money to Spend Money
- You must spend money on advertising and promotions. Although there are many free methods to work within your budget, you will still need to spend some money in order to make money for business success.

6. Put back in what you harvest
- You must continue to take a portion of your profits and re-invest that money back into your business. Use that money to purchase more ads, brochures, catalogs, t-shirts, flyers, etc. Grow and multiply that harvest and your business will succeed.

7. Put others first
- Satisfy the needs of others. Help them achieve their dreams. Show your expertise and in the process others will follow your lead.

8. Seek the Help of Others
- Use services to help reach a wider audience, such as dealers, distributors, Internet, customers and social networking sites.

9. Other Successful Business Owners
- Always seek the advise of other successful people. Find someone who is making the kind of money that you want to make. Do exactly what they are doing, why re-invent the wheel?

10. Get Personal
- Know your customers by name. Thank your customers and acknowledge them. Excellent customer service is key!

There you have it the “Top ten money making tips for a successful online business”!

Tell me what you think. Do you have other money making tips for a successful online business? Share your comments below.

Thank you!

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