Parenting tips ~ Help after baby arrives!

Between your mother-in-law, coworkers, siblings, and well-meaning neighbors, you'll probably get lots of offers to help once the baby arrives. If you're the type who used to politely decline all offers of aid (moving, carrying groceries, opening doors), now's the time to change your tune -- and to give these do-gooders some guidance! When people ask if they can help, say, "You're so sweet! I'd love it!" Then suggest one of the following.

• Food: New Recipe Center Some of best baby gifts involve food -- the kind you don't have to give any thought to. A rotisserie chicken with an easy bag of salad greens, a pot of chili ready to be heated up, lasagna that can stay in the freezer until you need it.

• Laundry: Pick a day, and invite someone over to wash and fold. You'll appreciate the time to do something else -- anything else.

• Babysitting while you sleep: Sleep when the baby sleeps? Easier said than done. Get Grandma to take the babe for a walk one weekend morning while you and the hubby get your snooze on.

And baby makes four -- whoa!

~ Courtesy of Parents!


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