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Black Label Mojito!

Try this perfect New Year's Eve cocktail!


1 oz. Johnnie Walker Black Label

.5 oz. Peach schnapps

.5 oz. Simple Syrup

2 Leaves, mint

1 splash sour mix

1 twist lime


Pour Johnnie Walker Black Label blended Scotch whisky, peach schnapps, simple syrup, sour mix and mint leaves into a shaker with ice. Shake and serve over ice in a glass; garnish with a lime twist.

~ Courtesy of Latina magazine

Merry Christmas To All My Readers & Visitors!

Happy Holidays!

The Interview: What Employers Really Want!

This guest post is written by Logan Kugler!

For many, a job interview is more stressful than the job itself. The worst part - we all have to deal with them. Even if you are self employed, winning your next consulting contract is contingent on your interview skills.

Interview stress is the result of not knowing what the hiring manager really wants. If you knew what he is looking for before the interview starts, you would increase your chances of winning the job - and make the whole process a lot less stressful. So your best bet is to be prepared.

Here are ten ways to strengthen your interview aptitude and help you win the job.

1. Don't Monopolize the Conversation - An interview is a two-way street. Be interested and then be interesting. Be interested in the hiring manager, his company, and its challenges. Go equipped with questions and engage employers in dialogue. You want to learn as much as possible about the job, while at the same time not taking over the conversation. Give the im…

Reading to your baby!

When should I start reading to my baby?

It's never too early. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading aloud daily to your baby starting at 6 months of age — about the time when he'll really begin to enjoy looking at books with you. But Jim Trelease, longtime read-aloud expert and author of the Read Aloud Handbook, says that you can start when your child's a newborn. No matter what your baby's age, of course, reading provides a great opportunity for cuddling and bonding.

Why is reading to my baby good for him?

Reading will help build your child's vocabulary, stimulate his imagination, and improve his communication skills. In fact, the more you speak to your child from the get-go, the better it is for his growth and development. Studies have shown that language skills — and even intelligence — are related to how many words an infant hears each day. In one study, babies whose parents spoke to them a lot (an average of 2,100 words an hour) scored higher on s…

7 Money Saving Tips For Your Home-Based Business!

We all know that even a home-based business requires some type of spending. Spending within ones budget is always challenging. That is why, I’ve written the article “7 Money Saving Tips for your Home-Based Business.” Focusing on ways to improve your bottom line are as follow:

1. Email/fax vs. regular mail:
- Use email and fax to get your messages across. You will save the cost of postage, paper, envelopes, mailing time and get instant delivery to your customers.

2. Toll free numbers:
- Utilize the toll free numbers offered by your vendors/suppliers it can add up to major telephone savings. If you want to add a toll-free number for your customers to contact you, there are inexpensive methods such as Skype for instance, it’s great for making computer calls and is free to other people plus it’s cheap to landlines and cell phones around the world.

3. Energy Consumption:
- When you have a home-based business you will use electricity. Utilize auto-setback thermostats and automatic light switches.…