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5 Free Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Small Business!

This powerful business article is written by Tory Johnson on the "5 Free Ways to Attract New Customers to Your Small Business!"

As a small business owner, I know firsthand the pressure to attract new customers in a challenging economic climate, especially on a limited (code for nonexistent) budget.

1. Create a Facebook Fan Page

Chris Meyer of CM Photographics in Woodbury, Minn., says 60 percent of his photography business now comes from the free fan page he created on Facebook. He uploads photos from the weddings he shoots, and all the guests pictured are encouraged to become fans of his page. Once they're fans, they're automatically updated daily on his work and any special offers. For example, he may post a notice about a free engagement session if you consider booking him for a wedding -- and the majority wind up booking him for their big day.

A clothing store could post photos of new arrivals. A nail salon could ask its customers to become fans -- and then post sur…

Recommended Business Info & Software Products

The following Business Info and Software Products are great marketing tools for your business!

Info Products

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Our "Internet Entrepreneur Club" is the Web's most powerful online Internet marketing community... inside, our team of in-house experts trains our students in how to use beginner and advanced Internet marketing strategies to make the MAXIMUM amount of money online.

30-Day, $2.95 Trials of "The Insider Secrets to Selling on eBay". This comprehensive 5-step program, developed by our in-house team of eBay PowerS…

Test This eBusiness Start Up Program For The Next 30 Days!

Would you like to start making money online right away... without risk?

Good -- because I've arranged for you to try out the Internet Marketing Center's best-selling Insider Secrets ebusiness start-up program for the next 30 days, without risk or obligation!

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And they're constantly updating this step-by-step program, so it always contains the MOST up-to-date techniques and newest test results.

Their latest update? They've just added a brand-new series of expert-led webinars that will show you how to make even MORE money with THREE hot new techniques, including Twitter and AdWords!

And what's really great about this trial is that it's NOT just a limited version that only gives you access to a small portion of the program.

No, you'll get complete, unlimited access to the ent…

Breastfeeding a boon to mom's heart!

Breastfeeding isn't just good for baby, it may also boost mom's cardiovascular health as she ages, new research suggests.

Women in their 60s who had breastfed for more than 12 months over their lifespan were nearly 10 percent less likely to develop cardiovascular disease, and significantly less likely to develop heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, researchers report.

"We found that the longer women breastfeed, the lower their risk of heart attacks, strokes or heart disease," said Dr. Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, an assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology, obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at the University of Pittsburgh Center for Research on Health Care.

Results of the study were published in the May issue of the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology.

It's well-established that breastfeeding can benefit infant health, yet just 11 percent of American mothers breast-feed exclusively for the first six mon…

Receipe ~ Flor de Coco!

Discovering a new nightlife getaway for the weekend can be daunting at times, but when they have an irresistible drink menu to transform any evening into carnival, we’re instantly sold. If you’re ever in Los Angeles, you must visit Universal CityWalk’s new Samba Brazilian Steakhouse & Lounge, which is putting a new Latin twist on the latest cocktail craze with a Caipirinha Bar. Serving nearly two dozen tantalizing concoctions, we were skeptical in finding our “it” drink of the night, but fortunately, one sip of a silky, milky number changed our minds. One of Samba’s most popular drinks is a rare flower and a soothing coconut-based thirst quencher that can be savored anytime of the year. Whether you’re having a traditional Rodizio feast of sizzling, skewered meat or need to cool off after hours of shimmying with Brazilian dancers, you’ll need a mouthwatering drink to beat the heat and spike up the energy to break a sweat all night along.

One of Samba’s most highly demanded drinks fr…

How to Write an Effective, Polite, and Useful E-mail!

Like many forms of communication, e-mail is no less susceptible to the vagaries of shorthand, slang, jargon and plain silliness

Think before you press send. It’s all too easy to bombard the people around you with a continuous stream of thought-bites via email. Whether you’re an office newbie or you have simply fallen into bad e-habits, it’s time to take stock of how you use email. Here’s how to set the right tone and become a master user:

1. Dearest Sir. Flowery introductions are unnecessary, says Chris Horseman, the managing director of Balance Learning, a training company. But do make sure that you get the person’s name right. “Don’t make assumptions when you are talking to someone you don’t know,” he says. Guessing the sex of the sender or confusing the order of Chinese names are common errors.

2. Build a rapport. “Always greet the recipient,” says Monica Seeley, who writes about and teaches good email practice. “And if you are responding to an email, mirror what has been sent.” Email…

The 3 W's To Starting A Blog!

Do you find yourself wanting to write about the things you enjoy? Do you have something of value to share? Will your expertise in a certain topic help others?

The above are questions you may want to ask yourself to find the answers to "Why should I start a blog"?

I've asked myself that question many times before actually launching my blogs. My niche is business entrepreneurship so I decided to express my thoughts and expertise by writing what has helped me along the way. My passion is to help others benefit through my experience and knowledge.

The following "3 W's To Starting A Blog(s)" that have helped me are:

1. Why
2. What
3. When
4. Where

Why start a blog?
Why not? I can list hundreds of reasons why starting a blog would be beneficial to you and your business. First, it allows me to express myself through my writing. I can share my expertise in a blog that can be seen by many. It is a form of promoting myself and my knowledge on a certain topic.

What do I write a…

5 Life Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King!

There is probably no other American figure that epitomizes the qualities of leadership and self-sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds more than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As we celebrate his life on the day set aside to honor him, let’s look back at some of the most important events in his life. From them, there are plenty of lessons we can apply in our own lives – both personal and professional.

#1: Knowing What’s Possible Comes From Asking “Why Not?”

It’s easy to see archival footage of Dr. King’s stirring speeches or the stark black and white images of him in thought and forget that no man is born wise and with all the answers. In reality, Dr. King used his many interactions and experiences with people from all different walks of life to inform his worldview.

Prior to entering Morehouse College in 1944, the then 15-year-old King left the South for the first time to work on a tobacco farm in Connecticut. This experience proved revelatory, and he noted in letters to his parents tha…

Grilled Mahi Mahi with Mango Sauce!


For the mango sauce:

2 Roma (plum) tomatoes

1/2 large ripe mango, peeled, cut from pit, and chopped

1/2 onion, diced

1/2 tsp. minced garlic

1/2 small jalapeño chile, seeded and diced

2 1/2 tbsp. cider vinegar

1/4 cup packed dark brown sugar

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1/2 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. dried thyme

1 tsp. dried oregano

2/3 cup freshly squeezed orange juice

2 tsp. kosher salt

1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

For the mahi mahi:

4 (6-oz.) mahi mahi fillets (or other firm white-flesh fish)

1/2 tbsp. olive oil


Light fire in charcoal grill, or heat grill pan over high heat. Grill tomatoes on all sides until charred. In medium saucepan combine tomatoes with remaining sauce ingredients. Bring to simmer over low heat, and cook about 15 minutes, until thickened. Transfer to blender and purée until smooth.

Coat mahi mahi with olive oil and season with salt and pepper to taste. Oil grill grids or pan, and grill mahi mahi on one side about 3 minutes, until lightly browned. Turn, baste…

Baby sleep basics: 3 to 6 months!

"It's so amazing how time flies when you're having fun with your baby and realizing how their sleeping patterns change with their growth. Below is a guest article by BabyCenter on the sleep basics for 3 to 6 months! I hope you enjoy."

Typical sleep at this age

At 3 months, most babies sleep a total of 12 to 15 hours a day, including nighttime sleep and naps.

Sleep training opportunity

Typically, by age 3 months or so, babies have started to develop more of a regular sleep/wake pattern and have dropped most of their night feedings.

This doesn't mean you should suddenly impose a rigid sleep program on your 3- or 4-month-old. In fact, your baby may already have developed sleep patterns that fit in well with your family life. But if you'd like to help your baby sleep longer at a stretch and keep more regular hours, now might be a good time to try some type of sleep training.

Keep in mind that every baby is on a unique developmental schedule. Observe how your child reac…

New Year Goal Setting For Your Career!

This interesting guest post is written by Carl Mueller on the "New Year Goal Setting For Your Career!

It’s that time of year when we start looking towards the New Year and wondering what it has in store for us.

When it comes to our career, the New Year is the time when we often start thinking about making a clean break and getting a fresh start by setting New Year goals.

Often this means looking for a new job but setting New Year goals doesn’t necessarily have to be strictly related to looking for a new job. There are plenty of things you can do in your life that will help to make a positive impact not only in your work life but in your personal life, too.

Here are some suggestions for making some changes in your career to help you make your work life more productive and interesting:

1. Start small. If you’re working long hours, start by leaving work 30 minutes earlier than normal. If you bring work home every night, start by taking 1 night off. Work on getting the proper work life…

Starting a Profitable Home Based Business!

Now days, it's getting extremely hard to make ends meet with just one income. Therefore, more and more people are looking into the possibilities of starting their own home based businesses to generate that extra income. However, you will have to evaluate for yourself whether a home-based business is the ideal situation for your needs, because working from home is not for everyone. There are many advantages to working from home, the main ones being:

* Low overhead

* Home-office tax deductions

* Flexibility of hours

* Safety in inclement weather

* Security, peace and quiet

A home-based office eliminates much of the overhead expense of a business. Your home office incurs expensive operating costs just like any business. The beauty of a home-based office is that a portion of these costs can be claimed on your income taxes. The flexibility gained in a home-based business makes them very attractive to parents of young children. If you are too ill to work, you rely on your voice mail or take t…

A Guide to Goal Setting!

This is an interesting guest article written by Ray Silverstein on “A Guide to Goal Setting!”

Do you make resolutions at the beginning of every year? Resolutions can be powerful tools. In fact, they can help you take your business to the next level. The catch is, once you make a resolution, you have to work to make it come true.

If you want action, you need an action plan. Goal setting is the best way I know to transform lofty resolutions into bottom-line results. Research shows that when entrepreneurs set measurable goals for themselves, they’re more like to achieve them.

When you engage in true goal setting, you define your objectives in pragmatic, measurable terms. You also need to identify the resources, time and funds you’ll need to invest to attain them. That’s how you develop action plans. Once you know where you want to go, the next step is to figure out how you’ll get there and how much you’re willing to spend on the trip.

Use the SMART System

When it comes to goal setting, the SM…

Handling The Challenges of a Home-Based Business!

The challenges of handling the ins and outs of a home-based business, goes without saying. Not only must you tackle the day to day business activities but there’s the mix of family matters surrounding your work environment. That in and of itself is a challenge. That is why concentrating on the tasks at hand require a balancing act:

Setting business expectations:
- Maintaining a set schedule is imperative to any business especially a home based business. It will keep your days organized and provide a routine momentum. You’ll find that your business will be easier to manage.

Setting family expectations:
- We all know that family needs are unpredictable, that is just a fact of life. However, the beauty of working at home is that it becomes that much easier to partake in any situation right there and then while still running your business. Nevertheless, it is also important that your family understand when you are available to them. Therefore, keeping a family schedule is key.

- As a work at h…