The 3 W's To Starting A Blog!

Do you find yourself wanting to write about the things you enjoy? Do you have something of value to share? Will your expertise in a certain topic help others?

The above are questions you may want to ask yourself to find the answers to "Why should I start a blog"?

I've asked myself that question many times before actually launching my blogs. My niche is business entrepreneurship so I decided to express my thoughts and expertise by writing what has helped me along the way. My passion is to help others benefit through my experience and knowledge.

The following "3 W's To Starting A Blog(s)" that have helped me are:

1. Why
2. What
3. When
4. Where

Why start a blog?
Why not? I can list hundreds of reasons why starting a blog would be beneficial to you and your business. First, it allows me to express myself through my writing. I can share my expertise in a blog that can be seen by many. It is a form of promoting myself and my knowledge on a certain topic.

What do I write about?
I write about things that will interest those seeking information about starting a lucrative home-based business. What inspires you? You can post photos and write about what inspired that photograph. You can also post videos of your favorite song and write about what makes it so special and why you feel others may think the same. You can write anything that has helped you become successful so that others won't have to re-invent the wheel so to speak. There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs that are unique in many ways. Think of the things that bring you joy and share them with others. If you enjoy writing, then showcase your writing skills.

Provide basic, real, useful information as well as resources to go along with the information you're writing. What are your interests? Will it interest your readers as well?. Offer "how to tips", "top ten tips", etc., did it make you successful? Be creative!

There will be times when you are going to encounter writer's block. It happens to the best of us. Not to worry, look for other interesting articles that are related to your blog theme. Remember to ask for permission to use an article and never alter the content of a guest article. These can help when you're experiencing writer's block big time.

When do I blog?
Personally, I love to write and post to my blogs 4 times a week. Others, may want to blog on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it's up to you. Perhaps you may want to get your feet wet first and start off slowly, that's fine also. Remember that the goal is to write often so that you can create a long lasting readership for your blog visitors.

Where do I host my blog?
There are many hosting companies out there. Visit or if your a new blogger, is a great place to start. Do you prefer to have your own domain name? Check out Again, there are hundreds if not thousands of hosting and domain registration sites out there to choose from.

Most of all, have fun! Find something that does not feel like a task but is fun to write about. Show your personality through your content writing and make your readers comfortable.

There are many other ingredients to spice up your blog and add important value to your readership. Remember start with your own writing first and everything else will fall into place!

So, with that said. Why should you start a blog?

About the Author: Sonia Yvette Colon is writer/publisher of & Sonia finds it a blessing to be able to work from her home office!


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