Handling The Challenges of a Home-Based Business!

The challenges of handling the ins and outs of a home-based business, goes without saying. Not only must you tackle the day to day business activities but there’s the mix of family matters surrounding your work environment. That in and of itself is a challenge. That is why concentrating on the tasks at hand require a balancing act:

Setting business expectations:
- Maintaining a set schedule is imperative to any business especially a home based business. It will keep your days organized and provide a routine momentum. You’ll find that your business will be easier to manage.

Setting family expectations:
- We all know that family needs are unpredictable, that is just a fact of life. However, the beauty of working at home is that it becomes that much easier to partake in any situation right there and then while still running your business. Nevertheless, it is also important that your family understand when you are available to them. Therefore, keeping a family schedule is key.

- As a work at home mom, I tend to keep a balance between business and family needs by working in the early am hours of the day, before my family awakens, and late hours after they sleep. That way, I am there for them in between. This system works for me. However, it may not work for everyone which is why you MUST find your own balancing act if you want to keep sane!

- This is another important element to the sanity mixture of running a home based business. We all know that as soon as you start a business, you will receive a mountain of correspondence from various federal and provincial agencies and not to mention an assortment of advertising mail which may or may not be of interest or value to you. Let’s not forget your regular mail that comes in too. So, if you organize your home-office properly from the very beginning, the paper work won’t bog you down and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

The following methods will help keep you organized:

Maintaining Accurate Filing Records:
- You will need a four-drawer filing cabinet for storing your business records. Keep all your business and personal information separate. Finding documentation should be a breeze if you keep this important task organized.

- Allow lots of room for files. Buy suspension frames for each drawer and legal-sized hanging files and file folders. Add tabs to the file folders for easy visible identification. You should place the files you use most into the top drawer. Establish the following hanging file and file folder for the following and add to it as your business needs change:

* Federal Papers
* Licensing Agencies
* Cash expense file for business expenses
* Sales invoice
* Advertising file
* Bank statements
* Business start-up Costs
* Correspondence
* Financial for monthly accounting papers
* Contacts and follow-up

- Each day as soon as your mail arrives, open it. Make piles for accounts to be paid, checks to be deposited, advertising, and other important items. Tackle one pile at a time. Do the same for your personal mail as well and soon you’ll find the rhythm to keep on top of a weekly routine to achieve this goal.

- An effective balance of home and work life is something for which every working professional strives. Being self-employed has its definite advantages, but sometimes it can be hard to spend enough time with your family and friends while you are busy devoting time to building your business.

My desire is that the above points will help you handle the challenges of a home based business while balancing your family life with the utmost love and the greatest and highest degree of sanity.

All the best!

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