8 Sites to Help Businesses Network!

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are at the top of the list when it comes to business networking, but we’ve found a few that specifically help out businesses trying to gain a foothold in the online marketing space. Here are 8 of our favorite contenders:

1. AdminSecret’s Network: Share ideas, join groups, publish content and promote your business on AdminSecret’s own network. You can search by location (just hit More Search Options) with our Friend Finder.

2. PerfectBusiness.com: A network of entrepreneurs, investors and business experts that encourages entrepreneurship and mutual success.

3. Plaxo.com: Similar to LinkedIn with the business focus, Plaxo works as an enhanced address book by keeping track of names, addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, etc.

4. Ryze.com: A business networking community that allows users to organize themselves by interests, location, and current and past employers.

5. GoBigNetwork.com: Get serious about fast growth in this startup community focused on finding funding, talent and expert advice.

6. http://biznik.com/: A community of entrepreneurs and small businesses dedicated to helping each other succeed. The site has interesting and informative articles, too.

7. Cofoundr.com: A private community for entrepreneurs – programmers, designers, investors, and other individuals deeply involved with starting new ventures. Members use the site to find co-founders, build teams, and get advice.

8. Ecademy.com: A business network for creating contacts and sharing knowledge.

~ Courtesy of AdminSecret


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