Calling All Twitters!

Are you interested in making money tweeting? If so, check out MyLikes a new service that lets you choose which advertisers to tweet about! Unlike, many other sponsored sites, where you have to have a certain amount of followers to received advertising invitations, MyLikes caters to beginner tweeters who would like to make some money tweeting right away no matter the number of followers you may currently have. You can start making money with MyLikes within minutes of signing up.

You choose who you want to promote and not the other way around! Simply tell your Followers what you like and make money from it. If you don’t need the money, you can donate your earnings to charity. If you don't see any Sponsors you like, Myikes will send you email notifications as advertisers create campaigns that are more relevant to you.

MyLikes is totally free to join and you have total control over what ads you run. The best part is there’s no waiting for the advertisers to choose you. They’re already there waiting for you to choose them! MyLikes maybe the best way for users with a smaller follower base to make money from Twitter!

Check out MyLikes today and start making money with your tweets :-)

Best of luck with your business endeavors!



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