Introducing A New Babysitter!

Some babies warm up immediately to every new face. Others, whether or not they're experiencing stranger anxiety, may feel comfortable only with a select circle of family and friends. Inevitably, though, you're going to have to introduce new sitters into your baby's life. How to do it?

Monitor your own feelings. Show your fondness for the new babysitter. Your baby can pick up on your feelings and will feel more comfortable himself. Likewise, if you show nervousness or sadness at leaving, your baby will react to that.

Practice first. If possible, have the sitter visit beforehand so that your baby can get to know her well in advance. Ask her to approach your baby slowly and gently. Once your baby and the sitter start becoming familiar with one another, try moving away from them. If your baby seems content, step out of the room for a few moments and return. Gradually lengthen the amount of time you're away.

Get the sitter up to speed. Be sure to familiarize the sitter with your baby's specific routines, favorite toys, and security objects, like his "blankie" or teddy. Likewise, let her know about your baby's food preferences. In general, give the sitter as much information as you can to help ease the way.

Use a short and sweet goodbye routine. Don't sneak out — your saying goodbye is important for your baby's emotional development. But don't wait for all protests to cease before you finally leave. Rather, say goodbye once and then go. And once you do leave, don't come back repeatedly to check on your baby. Give him the chance to adjust to being with the sitter. Even if she's wailing when you walk out the door, she'll probably stop soon afterward and settle in with his new friend.

~Courtesy of BabyCenter


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