Blogging Your Way Into a Job!

Welcome to the blogosphere, the land of bloggers. A blogosphere is an interconnected community of bloggers. Bloggers write articles and post them on their blog, or they comment on or contribute to blogs written and posted by others.

So what is a blog? The word blog is short for Web log. It is a webpage that serves as a platform for sharing and receiving information. It can be public or private or personal or corporate. A blog has no boundaries. You can write about anything you like; however, you should not select a topic that no one is interested in reading. Although it started out slow, blogging is now a very popular form of new media. Micro-blogging, a type of blogging featuring very short posts such as Twitter, is also a growing trend.

How job seekers use blogs:

· Showcase your expertise: Write about a particular industry, skill or position that you are very knowledgeable about. You might even create a “how to” blog regarding a hobby like woodworking or gardening. Make sure the topic is relevant in some way to your career goals. This is your chance to showcase your knowledge.

· Brand yourself: Your brand is a reflection of your image and your reputation. By listing your blog on your resume, cover letter, business card, etc. you can gain credibility with prospective employers. Your name will have meaning behind it.

· Network: As you comment on blogs and others contribute to your blog, you will eventually create a network of likeminded individuals who may be able to assist you in your job search.

· Make money: Advertising is quite common on blogs and a good revenue source for some. One option for those starting out might be a Pay Per Click (PPC) arrangement with companies like Google AdWords, With PPC advertisements you are paid only when visitors click the advertiser’s banner on your page. What do you have to lose?

How to start your own blog:

There are a number of free blog providers to select from. Some of the most popular ones are, and Do your homework and make sure you select the right one for adequately meeting your needs.

·Sign up
·Choose a template
·Decide if private or public
·Write your post
·Visit other blogs and build a “blogging circle”

How to promote your blog:

·List blog on your job search materials

·Contribute to related blogs

·Use social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to launch and continue to promote your blog.


Inappropriate blogs can be harmful to your job search. If your blog is public, anyone can see it including potential employers or recruiters. Do not write something that could be viewed as offensive, inappropriate or unprofessional. If you want to write about personal things then you should create a private blog, password protected and available only to family and friends or whoever you invite to participate. You should also avoid sharing confidential information from a former or current employer. This could result in getting fired or not getting hired. Prospective employers might question your loyalty and ethics.

~ Courtesy of Workforce Insider


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