10 Jobs You Can Do from Home!

Ah, to ditch the typical 9-to-5, cubicle lifestyle... For many, it's the ultimate dream. Problem is, marketers know that too, and it's too easy to encounter scam after scam while scouring craigslist for "work from home" opportunities.

Here are 10 real jobs that can be accomplished outside an office, and the degrees, programs, and courses that can put you on track to land them.

1. Management Analyst
Related Degrees:
Business Administration
Project Management

2. Web Developer
Related Degrees:
Web Development
Web Design
Database Management

3. Technical Writer
Related Degrees:
...or a degree in the subject about which you want to write.

4. Public Relations Specialist
Related Degrees:
Public Relations

5. Interior Designer
Related Degrees:
Bachelor's, Interior Design
Certificate, Interior Decoration

6. Graphic Designer
Related Degrees:
Graphic Design

7. Caterer
Related Degrees/Programs:
Hospitality Management
Certificate in Catering/Gourmet Cooking

8. Mental Health Counselor
Related Degrees:
Human Services

9. Massage Therapist
Related Certificate:
Certificate, Massage Therapy

10. Customer Service Rep
Related Degrees/Courses:
Associate's, Business Management - Call Center Management
Bachelor's, Business Administration - Customer Care Management
Customer Service Specialist Online Course

~ Courtesy of eLearners News


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