10 Clever Ways To Get Your Child To Give Up The Pacifier!

1. Tie it to a balloon. 
Tell your child you're sending it to explore space, or to live on a cloud, depending on which you think he'll buy.

2. Trade it in for a toy.
If he gathers up all his pacis, he can pick out any toy (maybe limit it to one he can carry himself!). Be sure to warn the cashier that he'll be "paying" in pacis while you slip her your credit card.

3. Send it to a new baby.
It can be a relative or the infant of whatever distant friend most recently sent you an announcement. Say, "Look! A new baby - that means she needs your pacis, since you're a big kid now."

4. Leave it for the paci fairy.
She's friends with the tooth fairy, and brings prizes.

5. Bury it.
If you can slip some marigold seeds in there, he'll think his paci sprouted flowers.

6. Declare Big Kid Day.
It's in two weeks, and every day from now until then is a big, exciting countdown to the day he puts away the paci and gets cake and ice cream.

7. Add to it to a Build-a-Bear.
Have them sew it right inside, so your child knows he can still have it nearby.

8. Bring it to the fire station.
Or the doctor: The key is to tell your child that they collect pacis from big kids. They'll play along.

9. Phase it out.
First, you allow it only in the car and at home. Then, only at home. Then, only at bedtime. Then, only as he's falling asleep (you have to sneak it out of the room when he's sleeping and it's fallen out). Then, you have to hope he doesn't care about it quite so much.

10. Toss it.
When all else fails, round up every one you can find, and stuff them in the garbage in the dead of night. 

~ Courtesy of Parenting Magazine.





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