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Your 13-Month-old's Language & Cognitive Development: Can we talk? by Dana Sullivan

New this month: Can we talk?Around 13 months, many toddlers have vocabularies that consist of three or four words. Yours can probably say "mama" or "dada," and something like "ta ta," for thank you, "ba" for bottle or ball, and "bye-bye." But don't be upset if she can't. She's still in what experts call the "passive" phase of language acquisition. That means she's soaking up all the words and speech around her, and filing the information away for later use. Even if she doesn't say any words clearly, she can probably communicate her needs with gestures (holding her arms out so you'll pick her up), sounds, and body positions, such as turning her head away from something she doesn't want.

What you can doIf you've already got a little talker on your hands, encourage her to keep trying new words by labeling as many actions and objects as you can. Use clear, simple speech, and an "adu…

Flanboyant Eats with Bren Herrera: Favorite Fall Recipe:Spicy Butternut Squash Puree!

A guest post recipe by  Bren Herrera.

Fall is my favorite season. Some really delicious vegetables are readily available and it’s the perfect time to go to farmer’s markets to pick the freshest and ripest ingredients. In my parent's house, we grew up eating butternut squash, or calabaza a LOT. It was mostly made into mashes, but on some occasions, mami would would roast them and season them with incredible herbs and spices.

Did you know that butternut squash, similar to pumpkin, is actually indigenous to Mexico? Butternut squash has got to be one of my favorite vegetables. I just love the color and it is so versatile. It’s also a tremendous source of vitamins A & C, low in fat and not too high in sugar (though it gets sweeter as it’s cooked).

This recipe is extremely easy, but full of seasonal spices and aromas. Because the squash is a tough veggie, it can take some time to steam, bake or roast. So what do you think I used to cook my 5 lb. squash? A pressure cooker, of course!…

Official Presence on Facebook – Opportunities and Pitfalls!

The Internet, as a medium, has opened the doors to a wide range of communication possibilities with customers. The interactive characteristic of the medium also makes it possible for a customer to publish his response to a vast audience. Social networking sites, particularly Facebook, which is getting increasingly popular around the world, have given customers an equal opportunity to communicate as loudly as you about your brand, in a public forum open to the whole world.

On the brighter side, there is a great opportunity to acquire direct and unadulterated feedback from customers, without the need of expensive and time-consuming surveys and research processes. Directly redressing customer queries on the medium itself can help increase brand loyalty. However, as a brand owner, you need to realize the speed and potential of the medium to do good as well as harm.

Facebook Opportunity for Your Brand

There are enough reasons for a brand to be on one of the most happening mediums. A signi…

Hyper FB Traffic Goes LIVE Again Tomorrow! (but for how long?)

I was just having something to eat and reading the newspaper and I JUST got this text message which made me jump out of my chair, literally!

The sms said...

"We're re-opening Hyper FB Traffic on Fri again for a short amount of time, so let your subscribers know otherwise they wont get a chance again.."

I've gotta tell you that since they closed down my in box has been stuffed with lots of requests from everyone asking me when it was going to be available -- and I just didn't know.


Hyper FB Traffic is RE-OPENING again after SELLING OUT after JUST 72hrs last time!!


I'm not sure how long they are going to keep it open this time around but I can tell you one thing...

... if you DON'T download your copy when they open tomorrow you WILL miss out. Thousands of people managed to grab theirs last time before the doors shut, and I wouldn't want you to be stuc…

Hyper FB Traffic is Having Weird Effects on People!

This might be your LAST CHANCE to grab a copy of Hyper FB Traffic... if you have been putting it off, you need to download it TODAY or you wont be able to get a hold of it again once the site comes down...


But I have to WARN YOU, some people are NOT prepared for the side effects it brings...

That's because many people are experiencing these side-effects for the first time...

[YES] I'm talking about generating more PASSIVE, autopilot money than you can possibly spend in a single day.

[YES] I'm talking about having the FREEDOM to get out of bed whenever you want to, and still take home more money than most doctors or lawyers do in the same day.

[YES] A life WITHOUT traffic jams and screaming bosses.

[YES] A life that is totally STRESS FREE, and the lifestyle that your neighbors and friends will envy.

[YES] The freedom to travel, spend time with loved ones, or simply perfect your golf game.

Whatever you want to do with your…

Strawberry Kiwi Salad!


* 4 cups fresh greens
* 2 cups strawberries (with greenery removed, cut into halves)
* 2 Kiwis (skinned and cubed)
* Strawberry Dressing:
* 1/2 cup of oil
* 1/2 cup of strawberry vinegar
* 2 tablespoons of sugar
* 1/2 teaspoon of salt, paprika and powdered mustard


Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, coating with the dressing!

~Courtesy of Latina Magazine

Facebook & Consumer Learning Process!

A great deal of successful marketing today depends on closely understanding consumer behavior. As a marketer, you may always be curious to understand what excites or motivates your customers into buying either your products or those of your competitor. Depending on the buying and consumption cycle of your product, there can be several factors that will determine the sales conversion ratio for your product.

Toward Right Learning

A successful sale happens when your customer understands his need and is convinced that your product can satisfy that need in a reliable way. Both these steps happen through a process, which is known as learning. Hence as a marketer, your job begins by ensuring that the customer perceives his need and, more importantly, finds the solution in your product.

Right Learning and Right Conversations

At this very moment, you may be reading this article on your laptop or desktop. Remember the day when you had decided to buy your first computer. You must have considere…

Facebook and Social Media - The Next Marketing Opportunity!

Marketing as an activity is all about reaching the right customers with the right products, and the result sought is delighted customers who are more than willing to open their purses wide enough to boost your revenues. For many years, marketers stalked their target customers through various means and by trying to get their message across to spread awareness about their wares.

Traditional Means of Communication

Traditionally, marketing communications were conducted via print, broadcast and such traditional media through disruptive advertising, where advertisements appear in between the content of interest for the customer.

Traditional media does give a large reach to a marketer with its programming of mass appeal. However, the wastage is equally high, since a large portion of the audience would belong to a different segment than the one that is to be targeted by the marketer.

Enter Social Media and the Internet

The revolution stirred by the Internet as a medium took place because of t…

8 Things Every Toddler Needs To Thrive!

You don't have to be a child development expert to give your toddler a good start in life. Recent research confirms what we've known all along: Love, attention, and basic care are all your child really needs and wants. To help your toddler reach his full potential, follow these eight simple steps.

Show your love

It seems obvious, but it's true: Children need love to live. Your emotional caring and support give your child a secure base from which to explore the world. This isn't just touchy-feely advice: Hard scientific evidence shows that love, attention, and affection in the first years of life have a direct and measurable impact on a child's physical, mental, and emotional growth. Love and touch actually cause your child's brain to grow, according to Marian Diamond, Ph.D., a neuroscientist at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of Magic Trees of the Mind: How to Nurture Your Child's Intelligence, Creativity, and Healthy Emotions From Birth T…