How to Set Up Your Home Workplace!

A powerful business article written by Sonia Colon on "How to Set Up Your Home Workplace."

Once you realize the strategy and function of your business, you’ll know how to set up your workplace and how much space you will need.

If you’re in the publishing business, you’ll need shelves and storage for your books. You’ll need a home computer, desk and chair that are ergonomically correct for those long writing hours you’ll spend sitting and creating your masterpiece.

If your home business requires that you see clients in your office, you’ll need to have something that looks more like an office than a corner of a bedroom. An outside entrance to the office would be best, if at all possible.

I personally love my workplace. My desk in near a window where I get the view of beautiful palm trees and the sunshine light inside that helps me concentrate on those writing days when I need it the most.

Also, for any type of business these days, you’ll need a phone line. Two lines would be preferable, one dedicated to the business line and the other to the fax. Get a distinctive kind of ring if you’re using your home phone line which will identify whether the incoming call is personal or business. Check with your phone service provider for further information.

Something else you might want to think about is the color you use for your home workplace. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your office so choosing the right color can have a physical effect on you. Choose colors such as red which increases blood pressure and is associated with energy and stimulation, or a bright yellow which is associated with happiness, both are great color schemes. You may want to avoid using colors like blacks, browns, grays and/or earth tones. These colors are associated with fatigue, sedated behavior and can make your office seem smaller. Implementing these small but important changes spent fixing up your office is tax deductible and that’s a color we all love. :-)

Perhaps in the beginning, your workplace will be no more than a space in the living room or dinning room. Maybe it’s a converted attic over a garage, maybe it’s a walk-in closet. However, as your business grows, you’ll need more space and more equipment to organize your workspace and get those deductibles which will help your business in the long run.

Remember, there are tax deductions for home offices if the room is used only for an office and you’re earning a substantial part of your income running your business from that office. Check with your accountant for the specifics on taking deductions for things like, floor space, heat, electricity and business line(s). Always, keep careful records of all your business deductibles.

The process of setting up your workplace should be enjoyable. It is an important process to business success. There are many business magazines and books with lots of helpful tips and ideas. Check with your local library, the Internet and reputable book stores for more information.

Best of luck in your business endeavors!

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