What is The Difference Between Using a Blog Or Using a Social Networking Site for Marketing?

The main difference between social networking sites and your private blog is extremely important and is explained below.

Everyone goes to Facebook so the traffic is already built in by default. Anyone can create a blog but getting traffic to your blog is not easy. You have to advertise it and have reciprocal links placed on other websites so people can get to your blog. Facebook dramatically increases the likelihood that your blog will be read. Facebook fan pages are great for business exposure.

Unless you have lots of advertising money to jump start the traffic to your site by paying for links or using pay-per-click ads on Google and Yahoo, you should use Facebook because they've already paid millions to get the name out there. The work is done. All you need to do is create a profile and search for friends, business associates, business groups and family members.

Having a blog (or any website) is something anyone can do. It's getting the TRAFFIC to the site that matters.

I believe that blogging and using Facebook are both great ways to market and brand yourself or your products. There is a world of potential available on Facebook and other social networking sites. Marketing yourself or your business on Facebook will bring about a lot of free exposure, opportunities for networking, and the potential for tons of growth. The key is to build relationships on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Myspace that will drive traffic back to your blog.

Your blog will be your platform to present yourself as the brand and expert in your niche market. I currently use many social networking sites including Facebook to brand myself as the expert in my business niche. In return, visitors come to my blog for additional online marketing quality content.

Remember, Facebook is where you will build your relationships and your blog is where you will present your products and expertise. Your blog will give you credibility.

Many business owners, top corporations and public figures are using Facebook as a way to network and build relationships.

Blogging involves promoting quality content articles, services and products. You can go to sites like Blogger or Squidoo and create entries with information about your product. Add in a few links to the product and you're done. You as the writer, do not have to pay for advertising or traffic.

Advertising through social networking sites tends to be a bit more tedious of a practice. You can create a page centered around a product but many people steer clear of these types of pages as it is the approach many scammers use. When you provide quality based content in your area of expertise first and foremost, people will follow to learn more about the services/products you offer.

Getting the right type of traffic from social networking sites takes lots of practice. Do it wrong and you will receive low quality and low conversion rates. That is to say, the majority of your visitors will click your link, look for a few seconds, and leave rather than generating sales for you. In order to see success, your campaigns will have to be streamlined perfectly to target a very specific group of people and your pitches will have to be very convincing.

Wit that being said, Pay per click (PPC) can be a very effective way to do things if you know what you're doing.

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Best of luck in your business endeavors!

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