5 Business Marketing Tips to Spotlight on Your Blog/Website(s)!

Getting noticed online is a challenge. If you offer valuable quality content on your blog/website(s) that will benefit others then you have a loyal reader and hopefully a return visitor for a very long time.

However, how do you keep the spotlight on your blog/website(s) for continued success? Below, I've listed "5 Business Marketing Tips to Spotlight on Your Blog/Website" to help your online business shine.

1. Start a blog
- If you don't have a blog set up a FREE blog on wordpress.com or blogger.com. Start writing interesting content that is related to your online business niche make sure it will benefit your readers. Also, try guest posting on other related blogs to drive traffic back to yours.

2. Market & distribute your content
- Use free distribution services such as prweb.com, thefreelibrary.com and i-newswire.com to spread the word about your online business. Generate buzz and create the spotlight you so richly deserve. :)

3. Target your email list
- What better way to spotlight your blog/website(s) then from your own email list? Once you've gathered information such as name and email address about your customers preferences, keep them posted of all your business news, tips, products/services on a weekly or monthly basis. Your email list consist of opt-in subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer. This is a marketing opportunity you want to spotlight on your blog/website(s) from the very beginning of establishing your sites. Visit Aweber and get started today on generating your email list.

4. Make your blog/website(s) social
- Join free social networking sites like delicious.com/, digg.com, squidoo.com, yelp.com, facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and twitter.com. Tap into this very important exchange of connection value.

- If you have a high profile location, use signage or banners on your property to spotlight your business. Make sure you check with your municipality's signage rules. Import your website address on all your online and offline material. The goal is to get noticed!

5. Start your own group
- In addition to the above marketing tips for social networking sites, you also have the option to start your own group. It's free and allows you to spotlight and communicate your offers and messages to an online fan base. Check out ning.com and start your own social website as soon as possible.

I hope the above 5 business marketing tips will help shine a spotlight on your online business blog/website(s).

Can you think of additional marketing tips you'd like to share? Please comment below. I do appreciate it. ;)

Best of luck in your business endeavors!

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About the author: Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog & The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom Blog. For additional powerful business articles and Internet marketing tips for maintaining a lucrative business visit her sites today!

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