How to Make LinkedIn Work for You!

A powerful business guest post article written by Kay Luo, director of corporate communications for LinkedIn on "How to Make LinkedIn Work for You" who tells you how to tap into its value.

Put your best foot forward with a complete profile.
- Fill out your profile like it's an executive bio - include past companies, education, affiliations and activities. Descriptions of roles, responsibilities and accomplishments dramatically improve your appearance in search results. By filling out past companies and educational details you increase the likelihood of being found by former co-workers and alums.

Build your network before you need it.
- Networking done well is about an exchange of value. Connections are one of the most important aspects of your brand - the company you keep is a reflection of you. Generally, you need about 30-plus connections to start seeing the value of LinkedIn. The quickest way to build your network is to import your address book from Outlook or your webmail account and see who you know on LinkedIn.

Give before you ask.
- If you find ways to help other people achieve their goals, the law of reciprocity will work in your favor. LinkedIn helps you maintain your relationships by giving you a way to reach out and help your network when they are asking for advice, hiring or looking for experts.

Create a "professional permalink" and control your Google search.
- LinkedIn is one of the few ways you can influence what people find when they Google your name. To make your information available for search engines to index, create a public profile and select "Full View." Customize your public profile's URL to be your actual name. (Mine is Add your URL to your business card, website, email signature and anywhere else you may want to provide people with more information about you.

Use your network to get advice and solve problems.
- Next time you have a problem or just want advice, ask a question on LinkedIn Answers. These questions get broadcast to your network and the LinkedIn network of more than 22 million professionals, allowing you to tap into the collective knowledge worldwide. Ask for service provider recommendations, advice on what conferences are worth attending and questions on subjects you need information about.

About the author: Kay Luo - Director of Corporate Communications for LinkedIn.

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