New NEUTROGENA Wave® Sonic Power-Cleanser FREE Giveaway

I have a fantastic FREE GIVEAWAY! It's the "New NEUTROGENA Wave® Sonic Power-Cleanser." Clinically proven to unsurpassed cleansing efficacy by even a $200 Professional at-home Sonic system. The NEUTROGENA Wave Sonic® Power-Cleanser includes a spinning action that works better than your hands can do alone by cleansing 50 times more than ordinary cleaning as well as exfoliating and massaging. We hope that you can try it and enjoy a softer and visibility brighter skin in just one use.

All you have to do win this FREE product(s)is the following:

DETAILS: Choose and comment on any 3 featured articles here at "The Biz Buzz of a Latina" blog. Please make sure the comments are of value to the blog content post). You can pick any blog post for the year 2011. Also, please let me know why you should be the winner of this promotional product. Please, send me an email @ with the 3 titled blog posts you commented on and don't forget to include your answer to why you should be the winner. I will announce the WINNER on a new blog post and will communicate with you via email for address information to send your FREE gift!

The first person with the most valued comments and convincing answer will win the following promotional products(there can ONLY be one winner, so please hurry)no exceptions:


* NEUTROGENA® Wave Sonic Power Cleanser Value $15.99

* NEUTROGENA® Wave Sonic Refill Pads Value $5.99

* NEUTROGENA® Journal Book and USB Value $29.00

A total GIVEAWAY value kit worth $50.98 yours FREE just for participating. Lets get those comments rolling and that convincing question answered ASAP!!!

Good luck to you all!

Sonia Colon,
My Fashion E-Mall Blog
The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom


Congratulations to Nicole Griswold for winning the Neutrogena Wave Sonic Power Cleanser FREE Giveaway!

Thanks for participating Nicole :)
Her Comments posted here:

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2. Reorganizing Your Website Links Architecture

. Will Good SEO Guarantee a Successful Website?

Her Comment:

I think I should win the Neutrogena Wave Sonic because the Wave Sonic looks like a great product and an amazing daily cleansing tool to help smooth and even out my skin tone. Plus I have never used any of the Neutrogena Wave products before and I would love to own it!

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