6 SEO Plugins for Blog Traffic Optimization

Plugins are tools that can add functionality to your blog(s). These plugins can enhance your site(s) capabilities and help in your SEO traffic ranking performance.

The following "6 SEO Plugins for Blog Traffic Optimization" are essential to your WordPress software.

Best permalinks structure
- Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings. It is what Google likes in terms of getting the most out of your web or blog posts URL, which in return makes the search engines happy.

How to set it up: Within your WordPress dashboard under the "Settings" heading, click the "Permalinks" option:

In the "Permalink Setting" screen click the "custom structure" radio button and in the box field enter /%postname% and click on save. This will allow your post titles to rank better.

SEO Plugins
- WordPress provides a range of really cool FREE SEO Plugins that will help you optimize your blog(s) for excellent search engine ranking. Below are some of the best SEO Plugins out there.

SEO Plugin #1: Redirection
- When you make the "Permalink Setting" changes above, this plugin will make sure that your permalink structure will not go dead when the search engines are ranking. To download this plugin click on the "Plugins' heading within your WordPress dashboard and drop down to select the "Add New" link.

In the search term box enter the plugin name "Redirection" and click on the "search plugins" button.

Click on the "Install Now" link to install your plugin and make sure to also click the "activate plugin" option to turn on your plugin.

Below, find additional SEO plugins that will add traffic generating functionality to your site(s). The same concept applies for searching, installing and activating these plugins as demonstrated above.

SEO Plugin #2: All-In-One SEO
- After searching, installing and activating this "All-In-One SEO" plugin, there are a few settings you want to fill in such as the blog title, description etc. This will help optimize your pages and blog posts.

Image SEO Plugin #3: SEO Friendly Images
- Google allows you to also search via images. This excellent image SEO plugin called "SEO Friendly Images" will allow you to add some extra tags and alt tags to optimize your images fully with keywords. This will allow very high ranking within the search engines and provide additional traffic to your blog(s).

Internal Linking SEO Plugin #4: SEO Smart Links
- This "SEO Smart Links" plugin will help you link a bunch of pages and post within your website. Google loves internal linking. The concept behind this plugin is to write a blog post and link it back to a previous blog post that may have contained a similar topic idea or a related reference to the new post. This plugin speeds up the process.

SiteMap Plugin #4: Google XML Sitemaps
- This "Google XML Sitemaps" plugin takes a snapshot of your entire page, keeps it current and sends it over to Google and all other search engines to let them know what pages you have on your website.

Video Sitemap Plugin #5: Google XML Sitemap for Videos
- This "Google XML Sitemap for Videos" plugin helps rank any kind of YouTube videos you may have embedded into your blog(s) inside of Google.

Tags & Categories Suggestion Plugin #6: Simple Tags & Auto & Searches Related Tags
- These plugins help you tag every one of your posts within similar topics or keywords. Tags are important to enter into your posts. Your posts should also be given a category. Make sure the category is fully keyword optimized. Always link a post within tags and within a category. The "Simple Tags" plugin will almost automate everything for applying tags to your posts.

The above SEO tools will save you a lot of time and are definite must haves to rank high and get a ton of traffic back to your blog(s).

Best of luck in your business endeavors!


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