My Sweet Girl

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

Having a dog is really important to me because I get a lot out of my interaction with animals but I feel really bad since I’m at work 9 hours a day and Sadie has to stay all crated up for a lot of that time. I know I should worry about her too much but she gets lonely and bored so I thought about going to to get satellite for the house so I could leave it on in the living room when I go to work. At first I tried to come home at lunch and let her out but that seemed to make the separation anxiety worse and I ended up having to pull myself away from her twice a day instead of just one time which was worse for me! I’m thinking about trying out one of those doggie day carecenters in the area but they’re just so expensive…I guess it’s probably worth it in the long run if it means Sadie will be happier and I won’t feel so guilty.

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