How to Spot a Work from Home Scam

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It is unfortunate but true that there is a number of work from home scams intermingled with the legitimate business opportunities. Avoiding these fraudsters and scammers is crucial to your success. However, it can be very challenging trying to determine which opportunities are on the up and up and which ones are only interested in separating your from your money. If you are in the market for a home based business, here are a few tips for telling the difference between the good work from home companies and the people who are only out to scam you.

Outrageous Claims – Quite possibly the most common hallmark of a work from home scam is the outrageous claims they make regarding their opportunity. It is certain you have probably heard them all before. The people promoting these scams may claim you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars working only a few minutes per day. These work from home companies may also claim their programs are endorsed by celebrities or other well known people. These are psychological tactics designed to prey on your desperation and desire to earn a good sized income but not add to your already heavy workload.

Strange Payment System – A popular work from home scam involves cashing checks and making purchases. Typically, the scammer will contact you by email. They will offer an unbelievable rate of pay for what amounts to a personal assistant position. After you accept they will send you checks to cash and either have you keep a certain amount and send the balance to them or use the money to make purchases and send to addresses they furnish. The checks are fraudulent and you will be left responsible for paying them when they bounce. Avoid opportunities offered by work from home companies that require you to cash checks or money orders on a third party’s behalf.

Is There Demand? – Another tactic scammers employ is to claim there is a market for the product or service you will be selling when there is not. You see this often with “educational” products that promise to teach you a certain skill with the promise that work from home companies are lined up to hire you for it. You will need to do your research to determine if, in fact, there is a demand for the skill. Therefore, make it a policy to always research every work from home opportunity before investing your money in it.

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