Online shopping

Authored by Rickey Combs

I always avoid the mall the day after Thanksgiving. Usually, I have done most of my Christmas shopping by this time because I’d rather not wait until the last minute if I can help it. I had completely forgotten about the new generation of post-Thanksgiving shopping until I saw an ad for Direct TV cyber Monday. Online shopping is my favorite kind of shopping because I don’t have to battle the crowds. However, I don’t usually do it unless one of three conditions applies: 1. I have tried whatever it is I’m buying on somewhere else and know which size I wear, 2. There is a physical store in my city that accepts online returns, or 3. The company provides free shipping and exchanges. If one of these three conditions doesn’t apply, you often times come out spending more money on items than you would if you had just paid full price in the store due to inflated shipping costs. If you’re smart, you can definitely save money and preserve your sanity by online shopping.


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