What the Heck is Pinterest?

To put it mildly, you may have asked yourself this very same question (as I did when I first heard the Pinterest buzz)....What the Heck is Pinterest?

At first, I had no idea what the word Pinterest was let alone who they are; until I did research and found out the following:

Pinterest is an online pin board where you can pin just about anything you like...simple as that!

You create pinboards showcasing your likes from favorite recipes, fashion, books, inspirational quotes and so much more. You can even pin your own products, articles, videos, etc.

Pinterest also encourages you to make an effort and interact with other pinners by commenting and repining their likes as well. Adding the cool "Pin It Button" onto your Internet browser for easy pining is a fantastic way to pin just about anything you find interesting on the web (provided you stay within Pinterest terms of use).

Pinterest visual emphasis is what makes this social media site stand out from the crowd. It's very much focused on your lifestyle through the things you like and find interesting. Once you get started you won't want to stop...(okay maybe I'm talking about myself here ;)) but really it is a lot of fun!

When you create an account with Pinterest, you will see other wonderful pins created by people who want to share what they enjoy with others as well. You may follow, like and comment on other pins at any time. In fact it is a great way to meet and share things found on different boards by engaging in conversations. Pinterest can help you get leads and brand you and your business with other like-minded pinners.

Pinterest is a great marketing social media site. I recommend you add this fast growing site to your social marketing efforts as soon as possible. It is known to have out-shined other social media favorites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in a short period of time. Pinterest has become a great source of traffic to blogs. It's definitely a wonderful tool to check out. I look forward to marketing my own business brand and meeting new virtual friends!

Currently, Pinterest is by invitation only but they are very good at getting back to you sooner then later. Just head on over to their Pinterest site and request an invite.

I recently received my invite and I was instantly hooked...I'm pinning until my hearts content! :)

Have you started using Pinterest as an online marketing tool yet? If so, follow me on Pinterest when you have a moment and don't forget to say hey! If not, tell us why by sharing your comments below.

About the author: Sonia Colon is writer/publisher of My Fashion E-Mall Blog, and owner at Once Upon A Star. For additional powerful business articles and Internet marketing tips for maintaining a lucrative business subscribe to her newsletter. Learn how to generate more leads with Social Media Training.


latanya said…
I'm not a blogger, but I do use pinterest and I do find it to be a great networking tool. I love seeing all of the creative ideas and being able to pin those posts.
Hi Latanya,

Thank you for leaving your comment. I uses Pinterest as well and absolutely love it. Isn't it addicting? :) It definitely is a great networking tool. I've seen my blog traffic increase since I've joined Pinterest.

BTW, I am sending you a separate email regarding the FREE giveaway!

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