10 Attractive Reasons to Work from Home

A powerful business marketing guest post article written by Dennis Morris.

In this article the author covers 10 reasons why working at home just may be the best thing you have ever done. Some reasons are serious, some quirky but all viable. Enjoy, ponder and decide to start working from home. Can you think of any more? I bet you can!

Let's face it there are probably many more than 10 Reasons to work from home. But for now I want to address 10 Reasons that come to mind. Some are serious and some not so serious and they are the ones that I love the most. O.K. let’s get started.

Reason #1 Freedom.
There is a real element of freedom working at home. When you think about it there is no one looking at you. You could be working at your desk in you pajamas. Actually this is not for me. I like to dress and attack my day in a serious committed way. But I could if I wanted to wear whatever I wanted to. That is freedom. Imagine showing up at the office or construction site or medical lab or police division in your pajamas ready to go to work? You would be like the naked cowboy in New York city who is running for mayor. It just wouldn’t work would it? But at home, no problem.

Reason #2 What is the one thing you really hate about going to work?
It is the commute, isn’t it? If we know anything about commutes it is that it is not going to get any better. So the main way to cure that one is work for a company that allows you to work from a home office. Or better yet find a successful business system online that will help you to learn everything you need to know to make money with your computer. Then start you own business. Hey, that’s an idea.

Reason #3 Coffee Breaks if your in to coffee, smoke breaks if you are a smoker, fitness breaks if your into fitness and food breaks if you are in to food.
So what is so good about breaks. Simple. There is no one to snitch on you to your boss. Which brings up Reason #4.

Reason #4 You’ve probably heard or seen this slogan “Fire Your Boss”.
Guess what, if you work from home you pretty much have that one covered. You will find it so great not to have anyone looking over your shoulder or asking you for this report or that report. “And I want it yesterday”.

Reason #5 Depending on where you live one of the great reasons for working from home is that you can pretty well control the environment for the most part.
If you like to work with music blaring fine go ahead. If you are like me and you like perfect quiet then you can do that to. Of course we all have different situations and maybe quiet is hard to achieve where you are but I think for most individuals with a home office they have the flexibility of noise or no noise while working.

Reason #6 You can change your location.
With the portability of laptops today you don’t have to work in one place. If you feel like going to Starbucks for a coffee, bring your laptop. You have no idea how listening to someones conversation can inspire you to come up with ideas on just about anything.

Reason #7 Your home will be a lot neater and cleaner if you work from home.
Really how many times have you come home from work planning to do some work around the house only to realize you are too tired? You end up working all weekend never getting any real R&R. By being at home you can have work breaks. They say a change is as good as a rest. Break your home chores up and do them bits at a time. By the time the weekend roles around it will be all play because all your chores will be done.

Reason #8 Chances are if you have a partner one of you will be employed outside the home.
Well learn to cook and have a hot meal prepared for them when they return home. Working at home is a privilege and it would only be right that your partner should not have to prepare dinner when they have been fighting traffic on the highway or jostling with commuters on the bus and subway now would it?

Reason #9 Working at home will give you unlimited possibilities to earn an incredible living off the Internet.

If you have not yet started on the Internet, this author encourages you to start. With the Internet today he believes the World is truly your oyster.

Reason #10 Finally the most important reason for working at home
You are readily available to assist your loved ones if needed, and it is less likely that your home would ever be burglarized because of your continued presence there.

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latanya said…
Another reason to work at home is if you have kids that are not in school yet, you stay at home with them while still working.
latanya said…
Another reason to work at home is if you have kids that are not in school yet, you stay at home with them while still working.
Thanks LaTanya,

Yes, being there for our kids is yet another great attractive reason to work from home.

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