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Video Tutorial - How to Create a Custom Facebook Tab for Pinterest

After implementing the Facebook "timeline format" for business pages, Facebook allows you to create custom tabs too. These custom tabs help your visitors gain additional information about the benefits of your business. You can include custom tabs on your Facebook business page(s) for: * free videos * free tutorials * contests (please follow FB guideline rules) * coupons * blog posts and more. There are many apps available for this purpose. Custom tabs work great with "call to action words" (CTAs) on your title images. Below, I've created a video tutorial on "How to Create a Custom Facebook Tab for Pinterest" plus a bonus tip you don't want to miss! Have you implemented custom tabs for your FB biz page(s) yet? Has it worked for you? Please share by leaving your comments below. Do You Want to Learn How to Master Pinterest? Check out: Pinterest For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))book by Amazon and order your copy today! Have you mi…

FREE Giveaway ~ New Neutrogena® Shine Control Collection

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Despite the wide array of skincare products available for oily-skin sufferers, when it comes to cosmetics, the options are limited and, often times, do not live up to their promises of shine control. Women shouldn’t have to constantly reapply layers of makeup to cover shine only to have an even oilier face at the end of the day. Say hello to shine-free face that is here to stay— NEUTROGENA® Shine Control cosmetics collection, infused with skincare benefits, does not cause dryness and leaves face matte and moisturized. Formulated with exclusive Rice Protein Technology, the three new innovations (liquid makeup, universal primer and pressed powder) are clinically proven to provide eight hours of shine control after absorbing flawlessly and quickly into skin. Using rice protein, as oppose…

5 Tips to Mastering Facebook ads

Have you learned how to master Facebook ads? Personally, I am yet to master Facebook ads. However, I am making it a mission to learn how to incorporate Facebook ads to both of my Facebook biz pages. Thus far, what I've learned, is definitely going to pay off in the long run. While I'm still in the process of implementing what I've learned, I can honestly say that I'm super excited to see the results of my hard work. Recently, I visited and came across this really cool inforgraphic on "5 Tips to Mastering Facebook Ads." Check it out below... Browse more data visualizations. I found this infographic to be an excellent resource and thought I'd share it with you too. What about you? Are you still learning how to master Facebook ads? I hope you'll find the above "5 Tips to Mastering Facebook ads" infographic helpful. I'd love to hear any comments/feedback you may have on how you're currently using Facebookd ads. Has it …