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How to Offer Freebies at Your Website for Repeat Visitors

In previous articles, I constantly talk about how important it is to provide good quality information on your website(s). The key to a successful website is to build credibility so that your visitors will continue to refer to you for resolutions to their problems. An excellent way to accomplish repeat visitors would be to offer something of value for free. Your goal is to become the ultimate one-stop shop for your industry. You want people to come to you looking for information to their problems which in return, gives you the opportunity to direct them to your own service and/or product(s). Your objective is to get lots of traffic and develop that important business relationship. What Should I Give Away Free at My website?Giving away something of value to your visitors will keep them coming back. People often tell me that they don't know what to give away for free. They say they don't have any information of value, they don't have any articles and aren't writers. T…

Infographic ~ Six Essential Skills to Biz Success

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