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Here I go again...offering yet another fantastic FREE Giveaway from "NEUTROGENA® WET SKIN SUNSCREEN The First Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Specially Formulated to be Applied to Wet Skin." I'm so thrilled once again to be featuring the new "NEUTROGENA® WET SKIN SUNSCREEN as a FREE giveaway to one lucky winner.

Not all sunscreens are created equal.

Under the new FDA sun monograph (as of December 17, 2012), all sunscreens must pass a specific test that shows they protect across UVA and UVB rays in order to be labeled ‘broad spectrum.’ However, just because many sunscreens “pass” this test, not all broad spectrum sunscreens offer the same protection benefits. In fact, while broad spectrum is important, it’s just one factor in choosing a sunscreen that delivers optimum results.

Neutrogena sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® meet and exceed the FDA standards and provide superior broad spectrum sun protection. HELIOPLEX®, a proven broad spectrum sunscreen technology, is formulated with the ideal balance of UVA and UVB filters to match the sun’s damage profile.

Although all UV exposure is harmful, many consumers are unaware that about 80% of the sun’s damage comes from UVB rays and about 20% from UVA rays. The pattern is the same for sunburn, skin aging and even skin cancer. Neutrogena sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® are formulated to protect against that pattern, featuring high SPF (to protect against the most damaging rays) and the highest UVA protection available. In addition, patented HELIOPLEX® technology is designed to remain photostable during use and not break down from exposure to the sun, unlike other sunscreens that can break down, compromising their protection value.

Sunscreens with HELIOPLEX® help prevent skin cancer and early skin aging (including fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles and brown spots) when used as directed and with other sun protection measures. Use two ounces – about the size of a golf ball – for the whole body. All sunscreens should be reapplied every two hours and/or after swimming, excessive perspiration or towel extended sun exposure.

HELIOPLEX® Technology launched in December 2005 and is available in an array of sun protection products ideal for everyone in the family – including lotions, sprays and sticks, as well as special formulas for wet skin and acne-prone skin.


Superior Protection for Babies’ Delicate Skin From the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Sun Care Brand.


Research has shown that babies’ skin barrier is not fully developed until approximately two years old, which makes it more vulnerable to the environment. Keeping babies’ skin protected from damaging sun rays is one of parents’ many priorities, but it can be difficult to determine which product are not only effective but also gentle.

Formulated with a gentle, tear-free formula, Neutrogena Pure & Free® Baby Faces Sunscreen SPF 50+ with PureScreen™, the latest addition to the Pure & Free® Baby line, will help take the worry out of applying sunscreen to your baby’s delicate face. PureScreen® Technology contains a blend of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients, known to be gentle on sensitive skin – and now, with the tear-free formula in the Baby Faces Sunscreen, you can have even more reassurance when applying sunscreen to your baby’s face. The Neutrogena Pure & Free® Baby line is fragrance free, oil free, and contains 100% naturally-sourced sunscreen ingredients, delivering superior protection from sun damage while leaving a soft finish on the skin. Best of all, the classic Neutrogena Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen Stick SPF 60+ with PureScreen™ offers superior sun protection for moms and babies alike—a compact stick that fits mom’s sensitive skin and in a purse! The use of sunscreens on children under the age of six months should only be conducted under the recommendation of a physician.

Neutrogena Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen Stick SPF 60+ with PureScreen™

* An easy-to-apply, sunscreen stick that fits perfectly in the purse and provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection

* Won’t run & sting eyes

* Oil-free, fragrance free

* Naturally-sourced sunscreen ingredients

* Hypoallergenic

* Price: $8.99/.47oz.


* The First Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Specially Formulated to be Applied to Wet Skin


Surveys reveal that more than 70% of Americans do not reapply sunscreen when they are outdoors for long periods of time, despite dermatologists and medical organizations stressing the importance of sunscreen reapplication to prevent sunburn. Neutrogena®, the #1 dermatologist recommended suncare brand, makes it easier than ever to apply and reapply with Neutrogena® Wet Skin Sunscreen –a revolutionary line of sunscreens that are specifically designed to adhere to and protect wet skin, dampened by swimming, sweating or humid weather. Now available in a lotion formula, the new Neutrogena® Wet Skin Lotion SPF 45, joins a trio of sprays – all proven to provide the same hypoallergenic, PABA-free, oil-free, water-resistant protection.

Neutrogena® Wet Skin Sunscreen instantly cuts through water to form a superior broad spectrum protective barrier and HELIOPLEX® to provide UVA and UVB protection. Allowing users to easily and conveniently apply and reapply their sunscreen, the Neutrogena® Wet Skin Sunscreen line provides full strength protection under wet or dry conditions, for your best skin protection.

NEW! Neutrogena® Wet Skin Lotion SPF 45

*First ever water-resistant lotion sunscreen specifically designed for wet skin application to provide broad spectrum sun protection in wet/sweaty or dry conditions

Formulated with:

HELIOPLEX® Technology: a breadth of stabilized sunscreen technologies that delivers superior protection from the sun

Water-resistant technology that provides an effective protective barrier on skin

*Proven to provide full strength protection even on wet skin

*Sweat-resistant and water-resistant

*Light fragrance

*Price: $11.99/3.0oz.

NEW! Neutrogena® Beach Defense™ Sunscreen Line

* Due to limited product availability, you will be receiving the Beach Defense SPF 30 instead of the Beach Defense SPF 70

*Broad spectrum sunscreen designed to protect skin from sun and impurities in water

*Repels salt and other elements that can damage skin

* Sweat- and water-resistant

*Light fragrance

*Oil-free, PABA free and Hypoallergenic

Available in:

*Spray SPF 30 and 70

*Lotion SPF 30 and 70

*1 oz travel-friendly size available in SPF 70

*Prices – $10.99

Available beginning January 2013

These products are valued at $31.97 dollars.

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After completing the above requirements, please send an email to with the heading "New FREE Giveaway ~ NEUTROGENA® WET SKIN SUNSCREEN The First Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Specially Formulated to be Applied to Wet Skin" and the links to the 2 articles you've chosen to comment on along with the answers to the 2 above questions in the body text section of the email.

I will announce the WINNER here at "The Biz Buzz of a Latina Mom Blog" on a new blog post and via my social media sites.

If YOU win, I will communicate with you via email for your address information to send your FREE product(s)! There can ONLY be one (1) winner, so please hurry no exceptions! Offer ends May 31st 2013.

***A total GIVEAWAY value kit worth $31.97 yours FREE just for participating.

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