Jun 3, 2013

5 Tips on How to Generate Great Content Ideas for Your Blog Posts

5 Tips on How to Generate Great Content Ideas for Your Blog PostsWhen it comes to blogging, we all know how difficult it is to come up with new and unique content ideas on a regular basis.

Even once you've managed to grow your blog and reached a certain level of success, you'll see it is imperative to keep your blog updated with new posts. You can easily fill your blog with interesting content only if you're actively searching for useful ideas to write about and make your blog beneficial to your readers. Below, I've listed 5 Tips on How to Generate Great Content Ideas for Your Blog:

1. Focus

- You always want to focus your efforts in all possible directions and make sure you're not limiting yourself when you try to think of different ideas. For example, if you are writing a post about "how to make money blogging," you want to take your time and present facts and your own personal journey about how YOU are able to make money blogging. You want to be as genuine as possible in your post by focusing on they key elements of your content.

2. Check out what other bloggers are writing about

- Track other blogs that publish within your niche. This will help you stay updated and give you some good ideas for your own blog posts. Although, your blog content ideas should be unique, you can still gain insight on what other bloggers are writing about. By visiting other blogs within your niche, you may be able to produce a question of your own on a topic that is popular; this tactic will allow you to further elaborate upon your own great ideas and unique writing style so that others can share it too.

3. Google Alerts

- Sign up to get Google alerts at http://www.google.com/alerts. Signing up with Google Alerts will help you determine what people are searching for and have questions on in your particular niche. Gathering this type of information allows you to create great content ideas to write about in your own blog post by focusing and giving people what they're asking for.

4. Keyword Search

- Another important aspect to blog posts are proper keyword research. Keyword search allows you to generate lots of ideas to incorporate into your blog posts. Entering a single keyword search into Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you'll be able to generate many related keyword ideas that will help you determine what people seek. You can pick out a few popular keywords and create great content for your blog that is currently in demand.

5. Your Email List Subscribers

- You can find all sorts of great ideas by asking the right questions to your email subscribers. Find out what they would like to learn more about by creating a survey and asking them to fill it out. Remember, it's important to hone your efforts on creating real content value while also being unique and setting yourself apart from the rest.

How are you generating great content ideas for your blog? Please share by leaving your comments below.

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