Imágen Salon Formula for Growing Latina Hair Care

I'm so happy to have received my Imágen Latina Hair Care products. Before today, I have never heard of Imagen but I'm sure glad I did. The avocado oil and botanicals contained in the shampoo combined with the conditioner, left my hair so smooth and smelling great!

The Stephen Co., a leading developer of quality hair and skin care products has unveiled Imágen, a game-changing new hair care line designed specifically with the Latina consumer in mind.

These amazing products are ideal for those occasions when you absolutely need cabello perfecto (perfect hair). They are perfect for the entire family.

In recent years, the Latino consumer has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, spending 43% more on branded hair products than the average shopper.

Currently, the fastest growing ethnic group in the U.S., the Latino population is projected to increase by 167% before 2050, compared to 42% for the general population. It's spending power likewise is moving in the same direction and is projected to grow from $1 trillion based on 2010 figures to $1.5 trillion in 2015.

Today's Latina consumer is a highly sophisticated shopper who is often fluent in both English and Spanish and equally comfortable moving between both cultures. "Today's Latinas' are looking for products tailored to specific hair care needs backed by authentic brands and values that are consistent with what matters to them - family and community" said The Stephen Company's VP of Sales Paul Crouch.

Imágen Salon Formula is launching this month at Target.

About The Stephan Company

Founded in 1897, The Stephan Company is a premier manufacturer and distributor of hair care, skincare and personal care items, including brands Balm Barr, Frances Denney, Le Kair and Wildroot. Check out


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