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How to Find High PR Guest Blog Posts: Relevant Guest Blogging

In today's blog post, I will be sharing with you my technique for finding high PR guest blog posts on websites that are relevant to my niche. The free tool that I use for this is Traffic Travis. Before you continue reading my blog post, I suggest you download Traffic Travis so that you can follow along. It is free to download and it has no catches! note: this trick uses Traffic Travis V4. If you are using an earlier version, download the new version. How to Use Traffic Travis to Find Relevant high PR Guest Blog Posts:First open up Travis Traffic.Next, click on 'SEO' tab. Next, click on the 'Link Finder' tab on the sub-menu which is located directly below the 'SEO' tab button.Click on 'Advanced Settings.'Unclick all link types except for 'Guest Posts'. Make sure the 'Display Only' options are unclicked, and leave the location option blank.Next, in the 'Keywords' box, type a keyw…

Tips for A Successful Email & Mobile Marketing Campaign

Many people feel email marketing is dead. On the contrary, email marketing remains the predominant form of communication in the business space. The big question is how do consumers and business people read and interact with their emails whom are now reading and interacting via their mobile devices? The answer is quite simple. If you're a business marketer, then your site has to be mobile-friendly. Email Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing: It is critical to allow someone who is using a mobile phone the ability to click on your site and that it be a good experience. Your emails must be optimized for a good mobile friendly navigation. You must provide a good impression from the get go on both marketing environments or your customers will go elsewhere. As marketers, we must understand how emails render on mobile devices. There are many email service providers which offer preview services. Check with your own email provider on this very important step. Design Tips to Implement: A good …