Effective E-mail Marketing for Business

Effective E-mail Marketing for Business

E-mail Marketing

- E-mail Marketing is one of the most effective forms of traffic retention because you retain traffic by relying on the fact that people check their e-mail(s).

Reliable Method

- Email marketing is a very reliable method of communication. It works by first capturing the e-mail address of those that opt-in to receive your newsletter. Optionally, you can clean your list by having people double opt-in. The double opt-in process requires that somebody open their e-mail and confirm their subscription to your list. This removes bounce backs, invalid e-mail addresses and generally people who do not want to receive your e-mails.

- Once they have opted-in and you receive their e-mail address, you can send them e-mails with reasons to open it. A general rule of thumb is to send people information that will benefit them one way or another.

Effective E-Mail Marketing

- The effectiveness of an e-mail marketing campaign is measured by the open and click rates and perhaps revenue generated. To maximize your open rate, you have to entice people with what they can see from their in-box folder. The two main things people see is the "From Name" and "Subject Line". A call to action title is important to entice your receiver to open and maximize your click rate. Be consistent about what you send people on a weekly and/or monthly basis.

- Keep the subject lines consistent with the body of your content. You do not want your subject to say one thing and the offer in the e-mail to say another. Consistency is key!

- A well thought out email campaign can be very effective if you provide valuable information to your opt-in email subscribers.

- E-mail marketing for business involves a list of people who "voluntarily" signed up for a mailing list, often to receive a teaser freebie, such as a short report, etc. A followup email message is then sent asking their permission to continue to send them messages. That reply in conjunction with the initial web sign up are referred to as double opt-in.

Auto-Responders (Aweber)

- Professional marketers use auto-responder services that send out a series of emails according to a predefined schedule, these services like aweber also handle opt-out request updates of the list. Marketers value such targeted email list at about $1 per address per month. Ideally the email list owner has their own products they will promote via email, though some market other products in an affiliate or joint venture arrangement.

- Marketers may use pay per click advertisement or a "front in" affiliate product to attract candidates for the email list, theses are the cases when the affiliate commission may be as high as 100% of the front in price.

- When you're building an effective email marketing list strictly for business web marketing, then Aweber is the best!


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