3 Tips on How to Use Email Marketing Effectively

3 Tips on How to Use Email Marketing Effectively

Email marketing is a form of marketing completed through electronic mail. It is direct marketing via an email form. 3 Tips on How to Use Email Marketing Effectively are below.

  1. Mail sent for opting in new customers, or to retain existing customers.
  2. Mail sent to maintain communication with existing customer.
  3. Using emails for placing advertisements and sending promotional materials.


Email marketing is also among the most popular forms of marketing for most businesses. Having a sign-up form on your website is an important tactic to gain opt-in subscribers which will allow you to create a list of potential clients. A double opt-in ensures that emails when used as a marketing tool, should only be sent after getting permission from the intended recipient and not be considered as spam.

Unlike websites, where you are dependent on a customer finding you via search engines and/or from thousands of other websites, this form of email marketing allows you to contact potential and existing customers.

Maintain Communication

Email marketing is a very cheap method of communication for reaching out to tens of thousands of existing and potential customers, as compared to other forms of direct marketing.

Effective email marketing is held in high regard by online businesses due to the high rate of conversations. This type of marketing allows targeting of high potential customers. Many email marketing campaigns are based on reliable data derived from previous experience and surveys. When you communicate with customers in the form of email marketing you're able to provide links of the subject matter for easy access.

Email for Advertisement/Promotion

As mentioned earlier, emails can be of different forms. The two main forms are email promotions and email newsletters. Email promotions refer to mails calling for immediate action such as a purchase, sign up, download or registration. Email newsletters aim at building long term relationships. Remember and use both interchangeably for a successful campaign.

Many campaigns are aimed at direct sales with the option of a sign up form. Your subscribers are giving you permission to send them promotional material. Email marketing is also a vehicle for building relationships, trust and loyalty.

It is important to examine the basics of email marketing. In summary, the first step is in building a list of potential and existing customers to whom the emails can be sent. Afterward, a well crafted mail has to be composed, depending on the purpose for which it is intended. Finally, it has to be ensured that the intended recipients do actually receive the emails via an opt-in form.

The best forms of an email list are the ones which are created on your own, with the permission of the potential recipients. When you craft your email, create value and a sense of urgency regarding the purpose of your intentions.

How are you using email marketing for your business? Please share your comments below.

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