#ClearProof #VoxBox Review @Influenster

Okay, so I must admit I wasn't sure if the Clear Proof VoxBox from Influenster I received a week ago for testing and review purposes would work!

I mostly participated for my son who has oily skin. My son is a teenager and if you're a mom with a teen age child, then you know that for them, looking great on the inside is just as important to looking great on the outside. He's a wonderful boy and loves to look good inside and out. I've also seen his challenge on a daily basis of taking care of his skin.

Below, is my opinion on what I've seen so far.

Much to my amazement, the clear proof regime seems to work for him. As a matter of fact, this morning he mentioned how clearer his skin looked. Now, I'm not sure if these products are meant for women only but I can tell you one thing, it is working on my sons skin. I have noticed the difference in his skin as well.

Now, I must admit, I sneaked in a little of the moisturizer at night for me. I definitely noticed how smooth my face felt the following morning. I understand these products should be used as a whole four step system but if just that one moisturizer felt amazing, I can only imagine how my son's face must feel since using the four steps.

This is what the four step clear proof regime consist of:

(1) Clarifying Cleansing Gel

(2) Blemish Control Toner

(3) Acne Treatment Gel

(4) Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin

I'm so glad the MaryKay handbook was included in my box. I might just have to order a box for my son and maybe for myself too.

Finally, I want to thank Influenster Voxbox for allowing my family to try these amazing Mary Kay products. From the look of things, Clear Proof by Mary Kay is a great line of acne treatment! I would recommend these products to anyone who is in search of a good regimen system.

Order your very own Clear Proof at Mary Kay today!


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