Holiday Giveaway ~ What's In the Bible? Jesus Is The Good News!

What a beautiful DVD on 'What's In The Bible' and perfect timing for the holidays.

My daughter loved how it explained all about the life and ministry of Jesus. She learned how he died for us and rose again.

About the movie:

Approximately 66 minutes. Let VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer and a bunch of hilarious new friends explain the entire Bible to your kids in this groundbreaking fast-paced and fun-filled DVD series.

Includes TWO 25 minute episodes:

God's Perfect Timing - Buck Denver and crew learn about the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments and how Jesus arrives at just the perfect time.

The Messiah Has Come - Learn about the life and ministry of Jesus-how he died for us and rose again to launch the kingdom of God in the world and in us!

The challenge for me was answering the questions my daughter had after watching the DVD. Thankfully, the DVD provides a family discussion guide to help parents talk and also understand what the series was teaching.

I'd like for you to take advantage of this awesome giveaway. How do I enter you ask? It's easy, be the first to comment below about how you and your child can use this DVD to gain knowledge about the bible. Simple right?

One thing I learned that I wasn't aware of was that the word Gospel means "Good News" and that Jesus is the fulfillment of all of God's promises...what a beautiful thing to know!

So go ahead, submit your comments today! The winner will be mentioned here at The Biz Buzz of A Latina Mom Blog and my other social media sites. It makes for a great gift. :)

Good luck & enjoy...happy holidays!


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