How to Run a Successful Affiliate Program

How to Run a Successful Affiliate Program

The following 'How to Run a Successful Affiliate Program' article will help you choose the right affiliate marketing methods to start earning your own revenue.

Affiliate marketing participation is a fantastic method to make some added earnings. However, you must put time and effort into your affiliate marketing endeavors in order to be successful.

Your websites niche & affiliate product(s)

- Your website content should compliment the affiliate marketing product you showcase to your subscribers/readers. If for example your site is all about dogs, the affiliate ad should promote dog related items and not office materials. It's also always a great idea to test out the products yourself so that you know how it will benefit your readers.

Promoting your affiliate products

- A great place to start is your own opt in subscribers. Remember, to always provide quality based information first and foremost before promoting products to your subscribers unless it is absolutely necessary to their success as well. Also, promote your affiliate products in other websites e-zines. Both methods are terrific ways to reach out to those that are interested. If you're promoting your affiliate products on other ezines, make sure you choose an e-newsletter that is professional, compliments your own website theme and has an opt in subscriber base of at least 200 or more subscribers.

- You can add your domain name to everything that you own such as stationary, email signature and business cards. A constant reminder of your website will stay on an individual's mind and help expose your affiliate products.

Affiliate link placement on your website

- When offering affiliate marketing links on your website, attempt to place links that relate to each individual post. You may want to place your affiliate links after an article post usually toward the ending or maybe even within your byline (provided it compliments to your article) or within the article paragraphs. If using graphics, you may want to place your affiliate links on your website's sidebar.

- Make sure you're offering quality and helpful products that you've used yourself and that you are aware of the companies reputation.

- I recently found out that a particular plugin I was offering on my blog was providing a revenue generating app within its plugins settings; unbeknownst to me. I had no idea ads were offered via it's related content links and that for me was a BIG no no! The worst part was that the links had nothing to do with the theme of my business blog. Needless to say, I deleted the plugin and will never use it again on my site. When you deal with sneaky companies, they do nothing but lose customers. Trust is key! Partner with affiliate companies that you've heard good things about.

- Also, if you are going with affiliate graphics, a poorly-placed navigation or an amateur-looking graphic can easily undermine a consumers impression of an affiliate product. Concentrate thoroughly in this area and figure out the best placement of your affiliate link graphics within your own website layout.

List bullet points and links

- Bullet lists are a wonderful method of showing a products perks. Bullet lists provide readers, who do not prefer to read your whole article, (but want to get instant access via a link) a location to view what they prefer immediately. Just make sure to provide your input on a particular affiliate product and how it will benefit your readers as well.

Share, share and share some more

- Share the content on your site with your social networks who are likely to pass the info on to their contacts too. Ask them to re-tweet your posts, or share them on Facebook. In this way, you can widen the audience that is viewing your websites content. This method can drive a remarkable amount of traffic back to your site.

- Take the time to carefully test affiliate campaigns that can help you succeed with your own business and of your readers as well.

Good luck with your quest to affiliate marketing success!

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